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What Is An Indoor Greenhouse?


Everyone knows what a greenhouse is and its purpose. In fact, it’s a coveted yard feature for avid home gardeners …

Why is Grow Room Humidity Important?

What exactly is humidity? How does it affect plants? As the controller of grow room humidity, having a keen understanding of what it can do to crop health is vital to your success as a grower.

5 Hot Grow Room Problems

Technology has a big role to play in our indoor gardens. Automated or not, you are using something that involves technology. All lighting used by indoor gardeners is technological in nature.

SMART Gardens Head Outdoors

Edyn: Smart Outdoor Garden System

It’s hard to keep on top of maintaining consistent moisture in flower beds and veggie gardens, even for seasoned gardeners. …

Indoor Garden Efficiency

Efficient Indoor Garden: Environmental Control

Waste is a bad word in the twenty-first century. We need to focus on efficiency – not just in the vehicle we drive or appliances and electronics we buy, but in everything we use and do.

The Alien Grow Room

NASA astronauts grew lettuce in the alien environment on ISS this spring. A successful harvest given the challenges of hydroponic gardening in space.

If you think that there’s a lot involved in getting your grow room properly outfitted to produce a successful harvest, …