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How To Get Rid of Spider Mites in the Indoor Garden

How To Get Rid of Spider Mites Forever

Few pests bother the indoor gardener like spider mites. They seemingly appear from nowhere, and spread havoc exponentially. The secret to how to get rid of spider mites in the indoor garden? Control. Knowing how to control your growing environment is one of the best ways to control these pests.

5 Hot Grow Room Problems

Technology has a big role to play in our indoor gardens. Automated or not, you are using something that involves technology. All lighting used by indoor gardeners is technological in nature.

5 Buggy Grow Room Mistakes

Don't Make These Grow Room Mistakes!

What makes a person a master gardener? One of the greatest attributes of a master is avoiding garden, greenhouse, or grow room mistakes.

Grow Mini Vegetables Indoors

Grow Baby Vegetables Indoors

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Indoor Garden Efficiency

Efficient Indoor Garden: Environmental Control

Waste is a bad word in the twenty-first century. We need to focus on efficiency – not just in the vehicle we drive or appliances and electronics we buy, but in everything we use and do.

About Plasma Grow Lights

Climate Room with LEP Lighting

There are many new exciting developments in climate room lighting. As scientists start to understand more about the influence of …

Carbon Dioxide: CO2 In Plants

There are a couple of things that plants can’t live without. Carbon dioxide is one of these substances. It’s a gas, commonly found in the atmosphere. Although it isn’t as common as oxygen and nitrogen, which make up around 99% of the atmosphere’s volume, carbon dioxide is still relatively common. 

The Alien Grow Room

NASA astronauts grew lettuce in the alien environment on ISS this spring. A successful harvest given the challenges of hydroponic gardening in space.

If you think that there’s a lot involved in getting your grow room properly outfitted to produce a successful harvest, …