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DIY Fish Fertilizer

Make your own! DIY Fish Fertilizer from fresh catch or scraps is the best all natural plant food.

You can buy liquid fish just about anywhere garden fertilizers are sold, so why bother messing around with DIY fish fertilizer? It’s liquid gold – the best possible 100% natural plant food.

Making the Best Compost

How to Make the Best Compost

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Grow Rosemary Indoors

How to Grow Rosemary Indoors

The best tasting and most beneficial herbs are always freshly cut. Learn how to grow rosemary indoors using hydroponics or …

Growing Phytoplankton

How To Grow Phytoplankton

This article was originally published in Garden Culture Magazine US02. Yes, this article is about cultivating that ‘green stuff that …

Best Urban Garden Beans

Here’s something that every veggie grower will find useful. I’ve discovered how to grow more green beans (a.k.a snap beans) …