Testing Quiz #2

How keen is your knowledge of optimum indoor garden grow lighting? Chances are it’s not as good as you think it is, which is so not helping the plants in your grow space! The best growers are constantly learning, and improving their skills, because a garden is continually under development. However, if you learn the wrong approach to anything, your grow won’t be as stellar as it could be… and light is critical to plants growth and yield.

This is a supplement to an article in the January edition of our print magazine. Reading that will help you understand what this grow lighting test is all about, and what your answers are telling you.

How does this work?

The more questions you have correct, the further you are to the right of the graph. By the way, “I don’t know” is also a correct answer, but it doesn’t add to the score. How confident you are, we can only guess, but you can take that into account as well.

Select the correct answer for each question below. Only choose 1 answer per question.

Do not gamble… If you do not know the answer, tick “I don’t know”.

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