Issue 29: Australia & New Zealand

Piecing It Together- Tips And Tricks

Who doesn’t want to improve their gardening game? We asked some of our writers to share their top growing tips, and they delivered. The topics are varied, from Av Singh offering advice on putting garden beds to sleep in the Autumn to Anne Gibson explaining how to balance soil pH. A green thumb often isn’t enough when creating the perfect environment for your plants. Making informed decisions comes from experience and knowledge.  

We are pleased to introduce Martin Osis and Xavi Kief; they will cover the magical world of mushrooms. In 2019, Paul Stamets opened the world’s eyes to the importance of the mushroom kingdom in his documentary film, Fantastic Fungi. There is so much to learn! The relationship between fungi, plants and our planet is undeniable. The healthiest soils are teaming with life. A better understanding of the symbiotic relationship between plants and fungi can make you a better grower. If you decide to grow them yourself and eat them, you will be a healthier person. A win, win.

 Last but not least, another edition of The Great UK Hydro Store Survey gives a brief overview of what is going on in the UK market from the perspective of progressive grow shops. Which products or companies are on the way up or out? It is an ever-evolving world, but gardening is certainly here to stay!

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