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Product Spotlight

The NEW SANlight Q6W

An LED that combines all the features desired by growers; for the cultivation of ornamental and crop plants, the Q6W is an adequate and eco-friendly replacement for HPS lamps. Designed for large cultivation areas for top-lighting applications as well as in the vegetative and generative phases of the crop.

Passive cooling, best efficacy, and sophisticated secondary optics, the Q6W is also adaptable. For larger grow spaces, daisy-chain up to 7 units with the optional y-connector.

The Q6W can boost the quality, quantity, and homogeneity of your crop. It also increases the usable cultivation area while reducing the temperature inside the cultivation room, water consumption of the plants, the use of chemical, and overall running costs.

Visit to learn more about the complete line.

Royal Gold

Capturing the hearts of plant enthusiasts far and wide.

A coco fiber-based soils and medium company based in Northern California, Royal Gold continue to bring Humboldt County ‘s decades of cultivation leadership to the world. With quality and consistency as the building blocks and experience and insight the tools of the trade, Royal Gold products give gardeners a foundation for success.

With a product line that ranges from pure coco and inert soilless mediums (Tupur) to traditional style potting (Basement Mix) and planting (Mendo Mix) mixes amended with high-quality dry amendments, they offer solutions for all garden types. With their most recent offering, Kings Mix, Royal Gold combines innovation and tradition with a peat-coco blend that has taken the cultivation community by storm. Solution-oriented, plant-in bags in convenient .75 cubic foot (about 5 gallons) and 3 cubic foot (about 20 gallons) sizes give cost and labor-saving convenience that make scaling up your garden a breeze.

From home growers to commercial facilities, Royal Gold brings professional-quality mediums to every garden! Visit to learn more.

NextLight Veg8 Switch – New & Improved

Now comes with a wattage toggle that offers reduced wattage for cloning and acclimation purposes. This new fixture combines the Veg8 and lesser-known, NextLight Clone into one – now known as the NextLight Veg8 Switch. Located on the bottom of the fixture to allow for easy access when the unit is racked, you can toggle from HI (190w) to LO (60w) at the flick of a switch.

NextLight manufactures a range of full-spectrum LED grow lights designed to meet the needs of commercial and home growers alike. NextLight’s Full Spectrum provides the sun-like qualities plants love without the negatives of high energy requirements and high heat.

Visit for more information.


Non-toxic, renewable, and biodegradable.

Propagate faster and produce healthy plants organically. RIOCOCO’s 100% organic coconut fiber grow medium is super-washed five times and blended without fine particles. This super-clean coco medium promotes bigger, faster, and stronger roots and delivers optimum water holding capacity without the dust.

RIOCOCO PCM is available in Open Top Bags (4 sizes), Closed Top Bags (1 gallon), and Starter Blocks. They’re even packed in biodegradable bags!

Learn more:

Growth Science

Growth Science Nutrients offers an easy-to-use, complete 5-part liquid fertilizer line designed for commercial cultivation. Growth Science Organics was explicitly crafted for organic production, using organically certified, sustainable materials. These nutrients adhere to NOP standards, feeding the plant, and stimulating soil microbial communities. This helps to establish a regenerative soil life cycle that allows growers to reuse their soil time and time again.

Visit to learn more about all the Growth Science products.

Active Air Humidifiers

Maintain optimum humidity levels for your indoor grow.

Cold, dry conditions slow photosynthesis and inhibit respiration, leading to stress, slow growth, and compromised yield. Active Air humidifiers feature a multi-directional fogging head and an easy-to-install direct water connection. These premium humidifiers are built to last, with an industrial-grade motor for many years of use. Active Air humidifiers are available in two sizes, with coverage of 320 square feet (75 PPD – AAHC75P) to 1614 square feet (200 PPD – AAHC200P).

Visit for more details.

Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 series

Designed and manufactured in Colorado, the PhytoMAX-2 series provides growers with the flexibility to have the right light for their space, whether a small tent or a large commercial cultivation facility.

Available in five different sizes ranging from 210 watts to the industry-leading PhytoMAX-2 1000 at 1050 watts, which can yield 2.5-4.5 pounds per light. Driven by proven science and groundbreaking research, the innovative PhytoMAX-2 series leads the industry photobiology and artificial light spectrum technology. A full-spectrum solution that also incorporates UV light, the PhytoMAX-2 series increases trichome production, as well as levels of THC, CBD, and terpenes, vastly improving quality and marketability. The lights are backed by a team of passionate industry veterans, growers, and scientists that work with clients to help them make the most of their passion, whether professional or hobbyist.

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