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Product Spotlight

Gro-Silic by GROTEK


A fully soluble, highly concentrated, and effective silica fertiliser. Gro-Silic is made of silica in the form of mono silicic acid,  the only silica compound known to be bioavailable.

The benefits of using Gro-Silic are many:

  • Strengthens plant cells, structure, and reduces the impact of abiotic stress.
  • Reduces plant uptake of heavy metals, increases soil pH, and induces oxidising capacity of roots. 
  • Contains boron that strengthens cell wall synthesis, structure, and lignification to promote growth and development. 
  • Features molybdenum to improve plant response and resistance to cold, drought, and salinity.

Visit to learn more.

The Bluelab Guardian Monitor

Monitor Your Key Plant Health Parameters 24/7 With The Bluelab Guardian Monitor

The Bluelab Guardian Monitor will continuously monitor the pH, EC/PPM, and temperature of your reservoir. When you consistently track these three fundamental parameters of nutrient uptake, you’ll be able to spot any fluctuations, allowing you to solve issues as they happen. 

Here are some of the Bluelab Guardian Monitor’s key benefits: 

  • High and low alarms to alert you when parameters are out of range
  • Large, backlit display for at-a-glance viewing
  • Easy pH calibration with on-screen instructions
  • Flexible mounting options for walls, posts, and racks

Visit to learn more.

Control Freak Frequency Controller

When you hook up your new fan to a speed controller, the last thing you want to hear is an annoying, whiney electrical hum in place of where there could be peace and quiet. Rather than crudely chopping and splicing the electrical input to your AC fan, the CF Frequency Controller precisely changes the frequency of the input signal, meaning whisper-quiet fan control and a prolonged unit lifespan.

With a user-friendly interface giving versatile options to precisely control 2x AC fans via the remote temperature sensor, do your plants a favour and ensure you make this your next grow room upgrade!

Get down to your local store or contact Maxigrow for more details.


Typically, tube-fans are the ‘go-to’ option for most growers setting up a new grow. The tried and tested nature of their design, combined with them being exceptional value for money, makes for a very wise investment. With high-quality internal motors to power the blades, the MAXIFAN TF range offers you fantastic performance at a fantastic price. 

The MAXIFAN TF fans come hard-wired with a UK plug, meaning no un-wanted faffing around with having to wire up the plug before use. 

Ask for the MAXIFAN at your local store or contact Maxigrow.

Maxiflow Ducting

Ducting is a crucial aspect of any ventilation system, although sometimes an overlooked one. A grower can spend a fortune focusing on fans and filters, but then sometimes neglect the quality of the ducting tying it all together. 

Maxiflow ducting has all your connection needs covered, being entirely airtight to ensure no gaps or leaks throughout your system. The outer sleeve precisely wound over a metal spiralled spine provides excellent rigidity and an airtight seal. Available in all typical diameters and with options of 5m or 10m, Maxiflow ducting ensures all your hot air is safely and securely blown away.

Can be found at your local store or contact Maxigrow for more details

Tribus® Original

Use this highly concentrated blend of three growth-promoting rhizobacteria with organic or conventional growing practices. Increases crop quality and quantity from seedling through harvest, in any cultivation system.

These bacteria work symbiotically with the plant by producing enzymes and other biochemicals that maximise nutrient availability and uptake, improving root and stem growth and increasing the plant’s growth rate and yield.

Tribus® Original can be used on seedlings and can be applied up to the day of harvest. 

Check out for more info.


The needs of growers are ever-evolving, served by an increasingly diverse range of nutrients. With a 5mm inlet, AQUAvalve5 rises to the challenge of delivering the broadest range of nutrients in a faster flow for a quicker fill, maximizing system efficiency. Maintenance is reduced and the risk of blockages minimized.

AQUAvalve5 has revolutionized how nutrients can be fed through AutoPot Watering Systems. Liquid organic nutrients can now be fed in solution via the reservoir and pipework. Vast as it was, the range of suitable mineral feeds is now virtually limitless.

Supplied with all new systems, AQUAvalve5 with its 9mm pipework and fittings also fits existing AutoPot modules – allowing you to upgrade seamlessly.

Follow @autopot_global for the latest.


The radical, new, mixed-flow inline fan from Global Air Supplies. 

The product is a cost-effective, entry-level fan that delivers high air volumes at high air pressure. They are a low-noise, high-power solution which does not compromise air delivery. They are fantastic for this price range.

If you are looking for value for money, then look no further than RadAir. These fans feature a robust, sealed body unit with built-in mounting brackets that ensure you can mount and clean the product with ease. Available in six sizes.

They also offer plug-and-play functionality with an IEC controller.

Go to for more great products.


The next generation of silenced fans from Global Air Supplies that doesn’t disappoint. 

The latest product has been engineered by Systemair to be lighter, quieter, and maintain all the advantages of the previous model. The V2 raises the bar and is the ultimate sound-absorbing fan.  

The V2 has a sealed housing that further reduces the noise of airflow, silent motors, and double-balanced blades. Alongside these, the latest model features a sound-reducing foam specifically for ventilation systems which doesn’t absorb moisture or dust. The outer body is light, sturdy, and deadens sound. 

Join the #SilentRevolution.

Hygrozyme Concentrate 

Specifically designed with commercial growers in mind, Hygrozyme Concentrate is 5X more concentrated, allowing you to get more for less! Hygrozyme Concentrate is one of the most competitively priced root enzyme-based formulas in the market that provide a cleaner root zone.

Check out to learn more about enzymes!

Growmax Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems ensure the best water quality for growing and gardening. Growmax RO units produce pure water that ranges from 20 L/h up to 125 L/h and includes features like pressure gauges, flow restrictors, and automatic shut-off valves to ensure your system will maintain optimum performance and reliable service for many years.

The systems range from units that filter 240 L/h for house plants, flowers, and other indoor and outdoor applications up to 2.000 L/h designed for large gardens, nurseries, and other commercial uses.

Visit for more information.

 HydroLogic’s Boys: smallBoy, TALLBoy and BIGboy

The  #1 choice for up to 99% chlorine removal, quickly and efficiently. Give your plants clean, fresh, chlorine-free water on demand and also remove up to 99% of other potentially problematic materials like sediment, rust, silt, volatile organic compounds, and particulates down to five microns. Each system comes with a Green Coconut Carbon Filter for city water chlorine, with the option of a KDF85/Catalytic Carbon Filter specifically for use with well water. If you know your water contains chloramines, upgrade to the HydroLogic Chlorashield filter for 100% chloramine removal.

smallBoy: Produces 227 L/h, 11, 356-litre filter lifespan

TALLboy: Produces 454 L/h, 29,000-litre filter lifespan

BIGboy: Produces 1,590 L/h, 94,635-litre filter lifespan

Don’t risk harming sensitive root-supporting ecosystems with municipal water treated with biocides; the Boys will take the worry out of your water!

See HydroLogic’s full line of water filters at

Plant Magic Evolution 2.0 

Every grower should have a bottle of Plant Magic Evolution on stand-by. Containing a wealth of plant health and growth-accelerating ingredients, it revives stressed plants, increases the growth of new shoots and gives your plants an incredible growth spurt. It’s plant health in the foliar form!

A favourite with growers, Plant Magic has now improved the formula of this impressive product, enabling growers to get even more use out of the foliar spray. After several years of rigorous research and development, version 2.0 now features an added super wetting agent which allows it to be sprayed under lights.

Why change an already great formula? The truth is, Evolution 2.0 is still made up of the same bio-stimulants, plant hormones, sugars, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and humic and fulvic acids. Evolution 2.0’s new super wetting technology achieves rapid wetting, dispersion and penetration into the pores of the plant, enabling use when lights are on or off!

Evolve your grow with Evolution 2.0!

Visit for more great gardening products.

Limpuro Ship Shape Cleaner

New to the UK Hydroponic market is a bleach and formaldehyde-free cleaning solution that is perfectly safe to use in grow rooms, tents, and greenhouses. Kills viruses, mould, algae, and bacteria, plus eliminates nasty smells and odours. 

Perfectly safe to use, Limpuro won’t stain or make tent material crack as other cleaners do. Apply with the refillable foaming bottle to the surface to be cleaned, work into every crease and crevice, and allow to dry. Will prevent recolonisation on treated surfaces. Simple. Effective. Affordable.

Available in a refillable 500ml foaming bottle; refills available in sizes of 1 litre and 5 litres. 

Available now from all good hydroponic shops.

MAXIFAN Oscillating Clip Fan – New & Improved 

Air movement in your grow room is something that almost couldn’t be higher up on the importance list of something to get right. The MAXIFAN clip fans with new and improved clips make placing and controlling the airflow throughout your room a breeze. With the ability to mount them almost anywhere, you can ensure your air is freshly mixed throughout your tent, therefore reducing the risk of moulds and diseases from the build-up of humid micro-climates around particularly dense flowers. 

Do not unwittingly sacrifice your crop to botrytis, ensure your air is continuously mixed and stays super fresh with the MAXIFAN clip-fans.

Get down to your local store or contact Maxigrow for more details.