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Product Spotlight

Anden A77 Dehumidifier Control

Getting accurate readings of relative humidity for your indoor grow room is critical for maximizing growth. The Anden A77 Dehumidifier Control, which comes included with every Anden Dehumidifier, provides cultivators with a wall-mounted, bold digital display hardwired to the dehumidifier for perfect accuracy.

This control helps growers optimize their dehumidifier’s performance, yielding better results. Equipped with an easy interface, on/off buttons and up/down arrows, the A77 makes humidity control simple.

To see how this and other Anden products serve the next generation of cultivation, visit

Baby Rootz Seed Starting Mix

A formula tested for two years indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses to prove performance, Baby Rootz is the perfect start for your seeds. Half the nutrition pack of its big brother, Big Rootz, while still maintaining Soil King’s stringent testing standards. Each batch is tested to ensure no product has pesticides or heavy metals, and no GMO ingredients are used. Baby Rootz utilizes fine perlite to ensure oxygen levels are maintained throughout the initial rooting process. Baby Rootz also has multiple varieties of mycorrhizal spores for added root inoculation. These ingredients allow for a large amount of microbiology to activate the living soil, while an organic wetting agent keeps water levels consistent. 

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Each ballast uses a high temperature, resin-sealed component board for entirely silent operation without a fan. The units are burned-in at the factory for approximately twelve hours to ensure maximum reliability.

Ballasts use a micro-processor similar to your home computer. This microprocessor allows the ballast to run halide or sodium lamps. It is programmed for a «soft-start» and does not require an initial surge of power to light the lamp. This increases the lamp life and allows the end-user to start multiple ballasts at the same time without tripping breakers.

Product Advantages

  • High-efficiency electronic ballast
  • No acoustic resonance
  • Lower harmonic distortion
  • High output and improved spectrum
  • Driver efficiency at full power: 95-96%
  • Dimmable and Multi-Wattage with boost
  • Completely sealed against dust and moisture
  • Completely silent, light-weight and high energy-efficient

Visit for more info.

Green Cleaner

New sizes!

Green Cleaner is a highly effective spray used to control and kill a wide range of damaging pests and diseases (as listed on the label). Approved for all food/feed crops and use in the production of cannabis, from start to harvest. Green Cleaner fits in well with all IPM programs and effectively controls pests by killing bugs and their eggs on contact, eliminating reproductive activity. Green Cleaner can be one of the most critical tools in your arsenal of pest control solutions because it delivers an immediate response of many harder-to-kill insects.

Visit for full details.

ShowDown Weed Killer

A Natural Alternative

Removes the plant’s waxy layer and penetrates deep into the roots! ShowDown completely prevents the plant from uptaking essential amino acids and nutrients, getting rid of unwanted weeds naturally. Showdown is exempt from registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under FIFRA section 25(b) as a minimum risk herbicide, safe for use around schools and playgrounds. 

Contact the team at for more information.

pH Up & Down -The Strongest pH Adjusters on the Market

Central Coast Garden Products’ pH Up & Down are the most concentrated pH adjusters available. The maximum strength pH Down consists of a 75% concentrated Phosphoric Acid solution that quickly lowers pH levels. The pH Up consists of a 75% potassium Hydroxide.  

pH levels outside recommended ranges can lead to nutrient lockout and nutrient deficiencies, resulting in stunted growth and poor appearance. Control pH levels to minimize problems and maximize your plants’ full potential with Central Coast Garden Products’ pH Adjusters.

Check out to learn more.

EYE HORTILUX® CMH 315 Grow Light System

The components in the EYE HORTILUX CMH 315 Grow Light System are optimized to work more efficiently together than any other fixture on the market. The reflector shape and metal composition are designed to work collectively with the ballast and lamp to provide a more even distribution of light over the plant canopy. This optimization offers 30% more uniform light and 8% more overall light to the plant canopy than most competitors. The CMH 315 system comes standard with the EYE HORTILUX 315W CMH grow lamp, which provides 50% more UV than typical CMH lamps on the market.

Go to for the latest products.

EYE HORTILUX® DE 1000-VS Grow Light System 

Growers will see no compatibility issues with the DE 1000-VS Grow Light System because the ballast was tuned to match the voltage, frequency, and starting pulse of EYE HORTILUX DE grow lamps. Use it with our standard DE HPS or our new DE Ceramic HPS. The DE 1000-VS is available as a 120/240 volt or 277-volt system and is tested to UL8800 standards. It comes with a selectable-wattage ballast grow lamp, and an Ethernet port ready for external controls. The DE 1000-VS provides better system reliability while maximizing the quality of EYE HORTILUX grow lamps.

Visit for other great lighting products.

The Optimus


The Optimus has a 120 degree left to the right range of motion and a vertical range of 23 degrees to deliver a laminar airflow precisely where it is needed. The unit is ETL-certified, with an integrated 3-speed switch and a 710 CFM output.

Visit for more details, and be sure to check them out on Facebook.

BudBox PRO White XL- HL

120x120x220cm / 4’x4’x7’4’’

BudBox strives for best results with industry-leading PAR reflectivity. BudBox Pro is built to last, with 25mm powder-coated frames, tempered steel poles, and metal push/click connectors. All PRO models are available in either PRO White or Mylar (silver), have 20% over-sized vents for acoustic ducting, access doors, an uplift irrigation bar, and double-stitched seams. There’s also a night vision window, a waterproof tray, hanging bars, acoustic deadening silicon end pads, double cuff vents, screened passive vents, roof hanging straps, main door clips, clear floor space, and the canvas fully unzips. 

A huge range of sizes available. Highest reflectivity! Contact your local hydro store TODAY, and be sure to give @budboxgrowtents a follow to see the latest.

Rare Dankness Nutrients

Common plant feeding issues have been eliminated with their premium commercial dry fertilizer program. After years of testing, the team at Rare Dankness Nutrients has developed a practical, versatile, and easy program that requires only a base and as few as three nutrient tanks. All varieties are compatible with soilless media, are pH balanced, heavy metal-free, and easily allow for custom mixing to meet all types of growing situations. Contact Hydrofarm to experience nutrition simplified and terpenes amplified for yourself. 

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