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Product Spotlight

DAYLIGHT 600W 4K Elite CMH Lamp

Ever wanted to switch from HPS to Ceramic Metal Halide lamps but found the kits cost-prohibitive?  The new DAYLIGHT 600W CMH lamps from Maxibright solve that problem for you. These lamps are now compatible with magnetic AND digital power packs alike and provide full-spectrum light with an impressive 1.6 μmol/J efficiency. The 4K Elite lamps are ideal for the vegetative stage of plant growth and can be integrated into any existing 600W lighting system with ease. Do your plants a favour and make the switch today.

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Precise and versatile lighting control, right at your fingertips! The new DAYLIGHT Lighting Controller has been designed and manufactured to power your grow lights, whether you are using CMH or LED technology! Whether you want functionality like sunrise/sunset options, dimming on overheat, or need to control the time banks of lights with ease, this unit has you covered. Connected via the iLink ports, you can daisy chain multiple lighting fixtures together and control them all from the one unit, with the simple touch of a few buttons. Things couldn’t be made simpler for you!

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DAYLIGHT 660W and 660W Pro LED

If you are after the pinnacle of grow-light technology, the DAYLIGHT 660W LED fixtures are arguably the best LEDs currently available. The 660W Pro version packs an overall fixture efficiency of 2.7 μmol/J (compared to the standard fixtures ample 2.3 μmol/J) and delivers results that genuinely rival their HPS cousins. With improved IP65 ingress protection for water-tight performance, iLink compatibility, slimline design, and new and improved clip-on bars (all packed into an easily moveable box), DAYLIGHT 660W LEDs offer an undeniably attractive option. Affordability and high-end performance, all rolled into one.

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DAYLIGHT 480W and 480W Pro LED

The DAYLIGHT 480W and 480W PRO LED’s offer the same super-efficient Lumiled/LUMLED and Osram chips found in their 660W bigger brothers, giving growers the same high-end quality of light, but in a slightly smaller unit. Having dimensions of 941.6x900mm, they fit perfectly into a 1.2-metre square grow tent (or growing area) allowing you to achieve the ideal light coverage even in ‘smaller’ locations. Incredible technology (2.7 μmol/J Pro version and 2.3 μmol/J standard version) and all of the features of the 660W units. Including easy clip-on bars, the new lightweight and slimline design, and remote dimmer, all at a price point that makes them extremely appealing. Making the switch to LEDs couldn’t be any more tempting!

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Shogun Zenzym

Shogun Zenzym is a Multi-enzyme product that immediately reinvigorates worn-out media with a quick breakdown of dead root matter and other untoward residue left from previous grows. This media recycling powerhouse consists of a superior mixture of enzymes for the breakdown of dead root material and releases nutrients for the plant while promoting root growth.  

ZenZym is suitable for all types of growing media and for growers using active hydroponics or fertigation systems.

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Plagron Cocos Perlite 70/30

For Hydroponic Growing With an Airy Mix

A perfectly balanced combination of two of Plagron’s high-quality substrates: Cocos Premium and Perlite. This mix contains 70% coconut fibre and 30% perlite and is well suited for growing in pots and recirculation systems. The fully buffered cocos have a stable pH value while the perlite provides an airy substrate and improved drainage.

An ideal mix for the growth and flowering of your plant! The Cocos Perlite 70/30 is ready to use for the planting and transplanting of flowering plants. Start adding fertiliser from day one. For the best results, Plagron recommends the base nutrients Cocos A & B and the 4-in-1 product Green Sensation.

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Monkey Nutrients

UK Born & Bred

With many years of retail and growing experience, Team Monkey has hand-picked ingredients that worked well for them. Root Shoot is a prime example. Containing Amino Acids, Fulvic Acids, Humic Acids, and High-Grade Kelp, Root Shoot offers so many great benefits in ONE bottle. 

Monkey Nutrients aims to create high-quality products which allow customers to achieve maximum satisfaction and targets in all aspects of their garden.

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Guanokalong® Complete Mix® Soil 

This convenient, easy to use substrate contains the recommended dosage of Guanokalong® Powder with all its benefits.

Every plant has a healthy start using simple and 100% organic products in a convenient pre-mixed soil. For both indoor and outdoor use, Complete Mix stimulates root growth, creates abundant bloom, provides added protection from bacterial infections, as well as a decreased risk of leaf scorch due to the gradual release of nutrients. 

You will also experience an improved flavour, quality and yield! No unpleasant odour and no expiry date if kept in a dark, dry location. Available size 50lt. 

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NEW! Gold Label SOFT 

The benefits of using root pruning pots are clear: the more root development, the more plants can thrive. Gold Label Soft Pots allow your root system to breath, resulting in higher yields!

Water and elements are mainly absorbed by the plant’s root hairs and small root branches. Gold Label Soft Pots create a fibrous, non-circling and healthy root system. Lightweight, foldable, and easy to transport, Soft Pots are available in 4L, 7L, 11L, 15L, 20L, 25L, and 40L. Pots 15L and up come equipped with handles, and all Soft Pots are entirely washable. 

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Rhino Ultra EC Fan

Size-defying power for superior ventilation, Rhino Ultra’s high-powered motor gives greater air extraction, improved contact time with your carbon filter, and ideal air pressure.

Compatible with RJ45 and 3 pin controllers using the adaptors supplied; a jack plug can be used by plugging directly into the fan. Highly efficient, Rhino Ultra produces greater airflow levels per watt of electricity. Includes a Varispeed controller, has a soft start function and is made with heavy-duty MNB bearings.

Comes complete with a wall hanging bracket and is available in 3 sizes: 6”, 8” and 10”.

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Rhino Ultra Silent EC Fan

If you’re looking to move masses of air quickly and quietly, with all the same features as the Rhino Ultra EC Fan, choose the energy-efficient Rhino Ultra Silent EC Fans. Rhino Ultra Silent EC Fans use dampening foam to massively reduce noise levels, especially when compared to similar-sized fans.

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House & Garden Amino Treatment

A revolutionary growth enhancer, Amino Treatment combines extra-fine silicon with amino acids to increase cell development and boost growth. It contains mono silicic acid, a super bioavailable form of silicon that your plants will begin using immediately, as well as a unique natural growth and flowering stimulator sourced from an extract found in plant seeds. Rich in powerful enzymes and amino acids, this extract stimulates root development, growth and fruit formation. It also contains an extract from Norwegian sea kelp, a general plant tonic that helps with plant vitality. 

Amino Treatment results in an increased nutrient distribution in the leaves, a higher rate of photosynthesis, stronger stalks, increased root activity, higher quality fruit production, and higher sugar content in the fruit. The product works beautifully in hydroponic, coco, and soil applications.

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Global Air Systems’ Sonic Air Pro Controller and Humidifier

Editors Pick

Data has been a big part of my evolution as a grower. I always used temperature and humidity sensors but didn’t truly understand just how important the plant’s relationship is with their environment. I graduated to better controllers and had perfect control over heat levels, but the humidity wasn’t so easy. When I finally installed data recording equipment, I noticed how bad things were. Too dry in the winter and the humidity shifts from day to night were scary. I continue to evolve, and so does my equipment. Instead of controlling temperature and humidity separately, I now regulate Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD).  

Last year, I installed the Intelligent Humidity Controller AirSonic Pro and SonicAir Pro Humidifier from Global Air Systems. The controller measures humidity and temperature and, in turn, VPD. I set a VPD point, not humidity, and the ultrasonic fogger adjusts humidity to maintain the set VPD levels. Temperature is controlled separately by fans; not AC. 

This is one of the most cost-effective ways to take your room to the next level. It’s also one of the easiest.


Your plant’s overall health is the most critical part of your grow. HYSHIELD acts as a natural defence mechanism for your plants. It boosts your plant’s immune system while protecting and unlocking its full potential. HYSHIELD can be applied as a foliar spray, reservoir system, and drench.


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