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Product Spotlight


Air Comfort – Use Anywhere You Want to Control the Environment

Soon to be available in North America, this little device has been on the market in the UK for a couple of years. I recently received a few to try and fell in love — what a fantastic tool. Don’t let its size or price (less than 20 quid) fool you; this little guy is powerful and straightforward to use. I hung four in the garden; one just above the canopy, one inside the canopy and two on the opposite sides of the room. I downloaded the app, named the monitors, and just like that, I had a graphical representation of the Temperature and Humidity in my room, in four different areas. It is always working, recording data points at intervals that are yours to control. 

The data is only accessible when you are within 10 metres from the devices. At the press of a button, it syncs with your device, and the up-to-date graphs are ready to analyse. The app only stores 100 days of data, so don’t forget to take pictures of the charts to compare one crop to the next, seasons, lighting changes, plant number changes, whatever! 

For the price, there is no reason why every grower should not have an AirComfort. And it is also great for monitoring rooms in your home as well!

Growroom – Drying – Curing – Storage – Bedroom – Bathroom – Baby room – Garage

  • 1-year battery life  
  • 10 metres free-field detection range
  • Temperature sensor  
  • Humidity sensor  
  • Stores up to 100 days of data or 4032 sets
  • Data gathered are shown in graphical views using an app
  • Adjust data measurement fetching within every 5-40 mins
  • Sync device wirelessly both on IOS and Android

Available at your local grow store.


The Dimlux Expert Series is the most advanced complete lighting system on the market, combining the best of two worlds. The Alpha Optics 98 Reflector in combination with the Xtreme ballast is a fixture with the highest level of reflector efficiency and light output. If you want to make maximum use of the Dimlux, use it along with the Maxi Controller. 

For more information about the entire range, please visit

Terra Aquatica TriPart Nutrient®

New Branding for GHE’s Tried and True Flora-Series®

After the organic line, which transitioned to the new brand Terra Aquatica® in March 2019, GHE’s fertilisers and mineral additives will be available starting in January 2020 with new labels featuring the T.A. emblem, as well as new names that more clearly evoke their uses. This is an essential step in the transition that GHE has been working on for several months.

Flora-Series®, the brand’s bestseller since its creation in 1995, will now be called T.A. TriPart Nutrient® (Grow/Micro/Bloom), a more precise name for this professional-quality and tripartite fertiliser.

The formulas, as well as the product sources, will remain the same.

To stay on top of the latest news, visit and check out T.A.’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Super Lumen 600W KIT

Everything you need to get the biggest yields and flowers possible! 

The kit contains a SuperLumens 600W Ballast, a reflector, and a Superlumen 600W HPS Lamp.

The high-quality Super Lumen 600W Ballast is very efficient and affordable, giving excellent value for money with outstanding performance and reliability. The ballast has the option of four different output levels that can be switched (250W, 400W, 600W and SUPER LUMEN) with a dimming selector illuminating your grow. The fanless ballast helps prevent any dust or moisture from entering the housing. 

Visit for more great products.

Gorilla Humidifier

Maintain Proper Grow Room Humidity

Everything you could ever want from a reliable humidifier; the Gorilla Humidifier helps lift relative humidity (RH), reduces static electricity, and purifies the air. The adjustable output-volume allows for greater control of the humidity level in a grow room, one of the critical factors for a plant’s success. 

Use it in grow rooms, offices, restaurants, greenhouses, grow tents, or in any area that requires extra humidity.  

Follow @highlighthorticultureltd for the newest products hitting UK shelves. 


Grow-Genius 40% Mono-silicic


If you haven’t heard, there is new silicon in town: mono-silicic acid, and it is becoming one of the most talked-about additives in the world.  

Grow Genius 40% Mono-silicic Acid concentration is stabilised in a proprietary blend of ethanol derivatives that delivers a highly concentrated 3ml per 100L dilution rate. Mixes with any nutrient regime and can also be applied with a foliar feed.  

Indoors or out, plants grown with silicon are bigger, stronger, and yield more. They will also fight disease and stress better!

Not all silicon sources are equal. For a limited time, ask your local grow store for samples.

 Visit to learn more about the fantastic results of agricultural studies using Grow Genius Mono-silicic acid. 

Maxibright Lotus 600W ballast

High-quality magnetic power-pack technology may not be quite as sexy and exciting as all the new developments in plant lighting currently hitting the shelves. Still, they do offer something that this new breed has yet to prove: consistent reliability. Practically bomb-proof, these tried and tested ballasts will last, rarely leaving a section of your room without light from a fixture having failed. Metal-Cased, vented ballasts that ensure consistently cool operation, the Lotus 600w ballast will power any 600W 240V HPS or MH lamp that will not let you down in the process.

Contact your local store for more details. A Genuine Quality Powerpack from Maxibright – Visit

Maxibright Apollo 600W ballast

If you are after a ‘no-frills’ power pack for your grow room, one that offers peace of mind in terms of longevity and builds quality, then look no further than the Apollo 600w resin set power pack from Maxibright. Precision wound coils ensure that consistent and exact amounts of electricity are used to drive whichever 600W HPS lamp you choose to drive – you get the most from whichever light you want. Affordable, high-quality and exceptionally reliable, if you are after a no-nonsense power pack to grow high-grade fruits, check out the 600W Apollo today.

Contact your local store for more info.


A Genuine Quality Powerpack from Maxibright – Visit

Revolution Avici

Growing under LED lighting is fast becoming the go-to tech for growers, not surprising when the efficiencies, intensities and spectrums produced are now swiftly over-taking their HPS and CMH rivals. The Avici LED from Revolution Micro not only has high-efficiency and intensity but is the first LED allowing growers full control of their lighting spectrum. As well as the customised pre-settings for cloning, vegging, flowering or finishing, with the Avici you can tweak and change the spectrum throughout a grow cycle to tailor the light recipe to the exact needs of your plants. 

A ‘Revolution’ (pun intended) to the scope of indoor lighting, the Avici is 1150W’s of intense plant lighting with a fully-customisable spectrum, something no self-respecting indoor grower should be without.

Now in stock at Maxigrow. Call for details, visit or follow @maxigrowhorticultural


DAYLIGHT iPac 600W ballast – for use with the 600W CMH

Poised to take the indoor lighting world by storm, the DAYLIGHT iPac 600W magnetic ballast has been tuned and tweaked to power the new 600W Ceramic Metal Halide lamp at the highest level possible. The combination of these two products brings the full spectrum growing abilities of CMH lamps into the realms of traditional 600w type fixtures. No more scratching your head if you’re thinking about the transition between lighting technologies. Just switch out your old HPS lamp to the incredible DAYLIGHT 600W CMH lamps and power packs to give a massive boost to the overall quality and quantity of your final yield.

Contact Maxigrow today for more details, visit or follow @maxigrowhorticultural


2nd Generation Q-Series from SANlight

The new Q-Series from SANlight extends the module system of the first generation, with the latest chip technology from OSRAM and some other functional features.

All models in the 2nd generation are ready-to-dim. With an additional plug, which is plugged directly into the lamp, you can choose between several dimming options. This means that plants can be supplied with the optimal amount of light over their entire life cycle.

ECO or EXPERT, SANlight offers an energy-saving, beginner-friendly ECO setup for standard tent sizes, as well as a yield-maximising EXPERT setup for gardeners with more experience. You decide what is important to you.

Follow @sanlight_led for some great videos and check out for all the technical details.


A delicate nutrient formulated to maximise plant establishment and root development; contains balanced micro and macronutrients alongside the SmartZen maximiser ingredient. SHOGUN Start gives your young plants full strength trace elements while maintaining a low overall strength.

Encourages auxins to move from the leaf tissue to the stem for rapid rooting and fast establishment of all of the structures that the plant needs later on for maximised yields and performance. This product works brilliantly with SHOGUN Katana Roots for superior root and plant establishment.

More information can be found at or by visiting your local SHOGUN stockist.


Orca Liquid Mycorrhiza and Bacteria

From the same company that brought you Great White premium mycorrhizae, this 100% liquid version contains a diverse blend of endo mycorrhiza and bacteria. No need to buy a separate bacteria blend for your plants. This concentrated and diverse mix of mycorrhiza and beneficial bacteria is designed to be watered in or run through hydroponic or irrigation systems. Mycorrhizae are fundamental in helping supply the water and nutrients needed for enhancing plant vigour. Fantastic for both commercial and retail applications. Available from 100 mL to 5 gallons.

For more information, visit and follow @greatwhitemyco and #orcamycorrhizae for inspiration.