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Product Spotlight

Powerhouse 4,6 and 8-Way Control Unit With Heater Socket

Heavy loads require safe and careful handling. Nowhere is that truer than in your grow room. Powerhouse timers safely control and operate your HID lights AND heating equipment to make sure night-time temperatures don’t plummet too far and stunt your beloved plants. An easy and safe option, the additional socket for the heater can comfortably power up to a 9AMP heating capacity, keeping temperatures adequate when your lights turn off. The new 4-way and 6-way models now accompany the hugely successful 8-way version, offering a range of options to cater for almost every hobby grower. An affordable way to safely control your high electrical loads, Powerhouse relays ensure peace of mind for every grower.

Ask in your local hydro store or visit for more details.


Full-spectrum, professional-quality growing equipment at your fingertips. Since the launch of DAYLIGHT Lighting Systems, growers have witnessed the yields and quality of flowers possible with full-spectrum lighting. With the introduction of the DAYLIGHT 600W iPac kits, it couldn’t be any more affordable to switch from your traditional lighting and witness the advantages of full-spectrum light first-hand. The DAYLIGHT 600W iPac kit comes with the low-frequency DAYLIGHT iPac power pack, designed specially to power the DAYLIGHT 600W CMH lamp housed in a range of reflectors that growers know and love.

Give your plants what they deserve and make the switch to full spectrum DAYLIGHT lighting today! Contact your local hydroponic retailer or visit for more details.

Biobizz All·Mix

When it comes to organic potting soils, Biobizz All-Mix arguably wears the crown, proving with exceptional results for countless growers, time after time. Being a certified organic substrate, it helps contribute to maximising the genetic expressions in your plants, bringing out appearances and aromas almost impossible to achieve from your flowers in a more typical hydroponic substrate. With enough nutrients to sustain plant growth for a good couple of weeks, make sure to use Biobizz All-Mix in combination with the full Biobizz range to get the best results possible from your plants. Do not allow your plants to settle for second best.

Available in hydroponic stores nationwide, check out for more details.

Biobizz Bio·Grow

The undisputed cornerstone of the Biobizz range of liquids, Biobizz Bio-Grow offers organic gardeners an exceptionally high performing, complete organic fertiliser that is to be used throughout the entirety of a plant’s life cycle. Bio-Grow is a certified organic extract, starting life as Dutch sugar beet. From its vinasse base, a potent, naturally fermented extract is produced that is an ideal supply of vital nutrients and compounds that contribute to exceptional plant growth. On top of this, it provides a rich food source for microbial life in the soil, boosting their populations and effectiveness. As a result, any nasty pathogens are kept at bay swiftly, and you are rewarded with unparalleled quality and quantity of your final harvest.

Certified 100% organic, get down your local store, and demand a bottle today.


An all-round tonic that boosts your crop in multiple areas by harnessing the raw power of natural plant extracts. Add it to your routine, and you can expect to see faster, healthier growth from the root zone up. Use along with Moonshine Foliar Spray for an even greater effect.

Moonshine is used in both the grow and bloom phases, but the effects are most apparent during late flower. Moonshine can shave time off the flowering cycle for a quicker turnaround and a more productive garden overall. It will enhance aromas by boosting terpene production and will also increase the size and density of fruits – thanks to the inclusion of an array of sugars and amino acids.

Check out for more details.

Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40

substrate | non-fertilised

Hydrological growing with an ideal mix 

Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40 is a combination of two high-quality substrates: Euro Pebbles and Cocos Premium. The mix contains 60% clay pebbles and 40% coconut fibre. It’s well suited for growing in pots and recirculation systems.

The clay pebbles have high water and oxygen capacity. The fully buffered Cocos has a stable pH value. 

It’s an ideal mix for the growth and flowering of your plant!  

  • Clay pebbles lead to perfect drainage.   
  • Fully buffered coco fibre retains water and nutrients.   
  • Low initial EC-value (0.34 – 0.51 mS/cm) guaranteed. 

Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40 is read-to-use for planting and transplanting flowering plants. Start adding fertiliser from day one. Plagron Hydro Cocos 60/40 can be reused.

Plagron Cocos Perlite 70/30

substrate | non-fertilised

Hydroponic growing with an airy mix

Plagron Cocos Perlite 70/30 is a combination of two high-quality substrates: Cocos Premium and Perlite. The mix contains 70% coconut fibre and 30% perlite. It’s well-suited for growing in pots and recirculation systems. The fully buffered Cocos has a stable pH value. Perlite provides an airy substrate and improved drainage. It’s an ideal mix for the growth and flowering of your plant!

  • Completely buffered and flushed. 
  • RHP approved, stable pH and low EC.
  • Fast drainage.

Plagron Cocos Perlite 70/30 is ready-to-use for planting and transplanting of flowering plants. Start adding fertiliser from day one. Plagron Cocos Perlite 70/30 can be reused.

50 L bag.

pH 6.3 – 7.7

EC 0.058 – 0.086 mS/cm

‘The new Dutch lightweight champion’

Gold Label proudly introduces CocoPerlite 70/30 mix Supercharged. This lightweight hydroponic substrate combines tremendous air volume with great water retention and strong capillary action! The substrate has growth characteristics that surpass the expectations of hydroponic growers. The water and nitrogen balance are easy to maintain, thus reducing the chance of overwatering. A supercharge formula with time-release fertilisation in a nitrogen and Cal/Mag composition that provide rapid development in the early stages. 

In short, this premium substrate is like a fixed match; you’ll always be the champion!

Visit for more details.


Three letter words and getting rid of bad smells!

The team at OCD are a little obsessive about odours. From the original blue DEO-MAX to the citrus-infused orange and lemon, they deliver a stellar range of aroma’s for you. There is also sweet bubblegum aroma and the Sunday essential, fresh linen.

Want to find out more?  Visit

Street Light XT LED

The new Street Light LED XT uses high-quality Samsung LED chips to fuel plants from the vegetative stage through to flowering.

Available in 3 sizes, the Street Light LED is a top-quality full spectrum grow light.
Each has a massive heat sink to keep the LEDs running cool, so temperature management in your grow room becomes easier, especially in warmer months.

Use this high-quality, cost-effective LED light to fuel a better tasting crop! Check out for more information.

Plant Magic Organic Try-Pack

If you’re a flavour hunter, then make sure you pick up a Plant Magic Organic Try Pack.

Perfect for growers looking to go organic, the Oldtimer Tri-Pack contains everything you need to grow an organic crop packed with flavour.
Each pack contains a 1L Oldtimer Organic Grow, 1L Oldtimer Organic Bloom and 1L Oldtimer Organic PK4-8, so you have everything you need for a more natural tasting crop.

Plus, there’s enough nutrient for you to complete a full grow for up to 4 plants.

Make sure to ask your retailer for one on your next visit. Visit for details.

Gavita Pro 1700e LED

With the same performance that makes Gavita the world’s leading horticultural lighting brand, an LED light fixture designed to deliver more usable energy to your plants while consuming less power. The Gavita Pro 1700e LED is a full-term light fixture that provides consistent, energy-efficient results. 

  • High efficiency (2.6 μmol s-1 per watt) 
  • High output for high intensity 
  • CE and CB compliant 
  • IP56 wet rated 
  • Top bin LED’s 
  • Reduced HVAC requirement (30-40% less) 
  • Balanced, full-spectrum light output 

Available now. Visit for more information.

FishSh!t – Probiotics for your Plants

FishSh!t is exactly what it says on the tin. A biologically active, full ecosystem in a bottle designed to help populate your rhizosphere (roots) with beneficial bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, lichens, and protozoa. Why settle for anything less than a full ecosystem in a bottle?

FishSh!t has been proven in side-by-side testing to increase terpene production, essential oil production, increase yield, and enhance flavours. Fully OMRI-certified and available in sizes from 1litre down to 120ml. 

Ask your local store to get you some FishSh!t and take your grow to the next level. Available now from all good hydroponic stores.

The Hydro Chronicle

A new podcast brought to you by UK author and industry veteran, Rich Hamilton. This exciting new podcast features a wide array of guests from all corners of the indoor growing community, talking about a broad range of topics in a laid back conversation. If you have any interest in indoor gardening, then you will love this! Listen now! 

The entire first season is available for free download on Apple iTunes. If you are not an Apple person, visit to download direct and/or stream for FREE.