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Product Spotlight

Anden Dehumidifiers


Designed and built for professional cultivation with components proven to perform in the grow room environment. Setup is simple, and humidity is continuously controlled to help prevent crop disease and pests. Anden grow-optimized industrial units come with a 5-year warranty and customer service that can’t be beat.

The unit removes up to 3 liters per kilowatt-hour, for maximum energy efficiency. Reaches peak power for maximum moisture removal—reducing humidity spikes. Most intelligent dehumidifier in its class, with onboard and remote monitoring, sensing and diagnostics.

Built for Grow. Visit for more info.

Rapid Stack – Stackable Pots!

Quick and easy transplanting with no root shock to the plant. When the plant outgrows its container, the bottom is easily and cleanly removed, exposing the roots. Then, stack it onto another pot (or the ground). The roots will naturally grow down and out to fill the new space provided. With Rapid Stack, you can transplant in seconds with no mess, and they can be reused!

Visit to find a store near you.

Active Air Portable Air Conditioner

This 14,000 BTU AC unit is a breeze to move on its four sturdy built-in casters, providing portable cooling power for growers who don’t want to invest in pricey ductwork or central AC installation. “Smart” system features backup memory and internal battery, 3-speed control panel, and remote control for regulating temperatures between 62℉ – 90℉ in areas up to 800 cubic feet. The unit includes a built-in condensation tray, window kit, exhaust hose, intake hose, and hose adaptors.

For more information, visit


Exclusively Available from Hydrofarm

Bringing lessons learned through years of internal commercial agriculture research into the home, hobbyist, and commercial greenhouse production environments. Created by plant scientists in the Netherlands, the result is the unique APTUS brand whose products incorporate natural ingredients and proprietary processes. The APTUS Premium Collection, a range of ultra-concentrated bio-stimulants that can work with traditional inorganic or organic-based fertilizers, epitomizes the focus on education and enhancing plant health without the use of harmful synthetic chemicals.

Ask more from your garden and get it with Aptus Plant Tech products with industry-leading concentration, ease-of-use, and remarkably visible results.

Check out for more information.


Developed at the request of producers looking for yet another gentle, efficient, and high-quality TRIMPRO product designed for those drying their flowers before trimming. With its adjustable-speed motor, leaves are trimmed by the stainless steel grates’ movement on each other. The angled construction and latched front gate makes retrieval extremely simple, allowing perfectly cut flowers to exit the upper cylinder while the machine is still running.
DRYPRO has the best return on the market with a trimming capacity of up to 12lbs/hour.

Visit for trimming solutions for any size operation.

iL5c from ILUMINAR

A full-cycle, tuned spectrum perfect for all stages of growth, including seedlings that require a lower μmole output.

The iL5c has excellent uniformity over a shared 5×5 space as well as a pure growing power with up to 825 μmol/s. IP65 certified for damp locations with an efficacy of 2.5 μmol/s.

This LED grow light has a quick and easy installation and the ability to daisy chain several fixtures in a row. Backed by a 5-year warranty and a team of lighting experts available when you need them, ILUMINAR always delivers quality manufacturing, 24/7 customer service, and expert lighting design.

Visit for all the technical info.


This is the Droid You’ve Been Looking For!

HydroLogic Purification Systems is proud to present the world’s first compact commercial reverse osmosis hydroponic water filter: The Hydroid. This plug and play, turn-key commercial system is designed for performance AND convenience, capable of up to 3,000 GPD of pure RO water (4,500 GPD blended/customized TDS water). The plug and play pre-filter and two RO membranes are easy to replace, operating at a remarkable 66% recovery (2 parts product to 1 part water), high-end features impossible to find in systems selling for twice the price. Other standard features include: Microprocessor RO controller with auto flush function, dual TDS monitors, pre-filter capacity monitor, low-pressure/high-pressure switches, stainless steel, multi-stage centrifugal pump (110v standard plug,10.6 A draw) for continuous operation, liquid-filled pressure gauges and flow meters, all on a compact, rolling steel frame that easily moves as you need it to. For commercial growers looking for an affordable solution to step up their pure water game, nothing beats the performance, value and cutting edge technology of The Hydroid!

Visit to find out which water filtration solution is right for your application.

Lighthouse Controlled Environment™ 2.0

Grow Your Favorite Plants Indoors!

Available in five popular sizes, the Lighthouse Controlled Environment™ 2.0 now features improved pole connections for ease of assembly and an even stronger frame! These grow tents are strong, lightweight, and built to last, with an ultra-bright reflective interior, waterproof liner, and premium zippers. Each tent includes a viewing window, adjustable ports for vent fans/ducting, screened vent panels with covers, and an adjustable power cord port.

Check out for all the details.

FoxFarm Cultivation Nation

A highly concentrated nutrient system designed to support your garden at all stages of growth. Cultivation Nation VEGGIE and FLOWER is a two-part soluble powder for soil and soilless gardening applications. The three-part liquid program includes Cultivation Nation GROW, MICRO, and BLOOM, and is designed for use in soil, soilless media, and hydroponic or aeroponic systems. Both the powder and the liquid products can also be used as stand-alone fertilizers.

Go to to find more great FoxFarm products.