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Product Spotlight

C-No Insects

A 100% organic, effective, ready-to-use insect spray that kills all insects smaller than 7mm, including spider mites, thrips, and gnats, within 72 hours after spraying. Suitable for all types of plants and trees.

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Free from PGRs, chemicals, and hormones, C-RESULT 100 % Organic Plant Booster additive contains 13 statically-charged element molecules that collect all the elements in your nutrient mix and transport them directly to the root. This patented delivery system has great benefits for your plants: bigger yield, better quality, no more deficiencies, stress or diseases. Can also be used to troubleshoot plants with signs of distress. Suitable for all substrates, C-RESULT can be combined with all brands of liquid fertilisers.

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Cellmax BIO 8-2-2

Experiencing a lack of nitrogen in your organic garden?

Cellmax introduces a whole new supplement with a solid dose of organic nitrogen.

Because this product is derived from 100% natural sources, without preservatives and low amounts of salts, the days of plant burn and over-fertilisation are finally over!

The high amounts of sugars, easily absorbable amino acids, and trace elements will take care of that precious soil life and will also aid as food for those beneficial bacteria your plant loves so much!

Cellmax BIO 8-2-2 is suspected to land in shops this month.

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REZIN by Green Planet

Rezin was formulated to enhance the natural processes within flowering plants that produce flavour and aroma. Made from a combination of ascorbic, citric, gluconic and lactic acids created through a fermentation process. Unlike other products, it won’t impact the ppm/EC of your solution, allowing you to run your base nutrients at full strength. Rezin leverages the production of terpenes to amplify the essential oil and aroma profile of plants, and it also improves overall plant health. Rezin will visually improve the appearance of the finished flowers.

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GHE Mineral Magic

A natural organic powder additive, the new GHE Mineral Magic contains natural silicate in a higher proportion than the previous formula. It is a key trace element for a wide variety of plants, especially in hydroponic and soilless cultivation because it provides an essential missing element: silica.

The broad spectrum of elements contained in GHE Mineral Magic stimulates the growth of beneficial micro-organisms for the plant, thus creating a beneficial natural environment for the plant. GHE Mineral Magic allows only the healthiest growth and the roots are more resistant to rot and pathogenic fungi.

GHE Mineral Magic stabilizes pH and electroconductivity (EC) levels, reducing stress conditions for the plant and stimulating rapid growth for better flowering and bigger crops.

Available in 1L and 5L. Learn more by visiting

Digital AC EC Fan Controller by Global Air Supplies

Built with thermostatic and humidity control, the Digital AC EC Controller monitors and regulates your grow room temperature and humidity levels to maintain a stable environment for your plants – improving your environment and increasing your yields.

  • Controls AC & EC fans
  • Set minimum and maximum fan speeds
  • Day and night temperature and humidity settings
  • Digital display
  • Thermostatic and humidity controlled
  • AC fans up to a maximum 10 amps
  • Capable of controlling multiple EC fans
  • Plugs directly into all Systemair EC fans

Check out for all your ventilation needs.

Ton O Bud

A concentrated P-K (phosphorous and potassium) additive designed to pack bulk onto flowers and fruits during the middle stages of a flowering cycle.

The benefits are plain and simple; higher-end yields and a drastically increased flower set. More flowers with tighter and more compact density, without compromising quality and flavour.

Works alongside and in addition to all industry leading manufacturer feed schedules and does not significantly add to EC levels, unlike most P-K products.

Tried and tested worldwide, Ton O Bud works with all grow media and methods, producing rapid, visible results.

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Due to popular demand, the best-selling Clonex Mist is now available in a concentrated solution. Simply mix one-part Clonex Mist Concentrate with three parts clean soft water. For example,  to make 1 litre of solution, pour 250 ml of Clonex Mist Concentrate into a clean plastic sprayer and add 750 ml of water. Shake well before misting over plants and use within three days.

Clonex Mist is the latest innovation in propagation technology by Growth Technology and makes cloning even easier and more efficient.

For best results, spray the tips of the mother plant with Clonex Mist once or twice in the week before cuttings are taken. Spray the new cuttings with Clonex Mist and place them into a propagator. After 2–3 days, mist the cuttings again and repeat misting every two days, or whenever cuttings look dry.

Clonex Mist CONCENTRATE is available in 1 litre.

Visit to find out more for your propagation needs.

Bluelab Combo Meter Plus

pH, conductivity, and temperature in one portable handheld meter.

An all-in-one, convenient portable solution for accurate measurement of pH, conductivity and temperature in nutrient solution. The battery-powered, lightweight unit can be used anywhere, anytime to measure critical parameters related to nutrient uptake in plants. The Bluelab Leap pH probe also allows fast and accurate pH measurements, direct from the root zone in a wide range of growing media including soil, Rockwool, coco coir and potting mixes – no more pH slurries or extraction mixes. The detachable Bluelab Leap pH Probe has a toughened spear-tip for improved durability and is lightning fast in nutrient solution. An easy to read backlit screen ideal in lowlight environments, and a simple push-button operation to view your chosen parameter. Team with the Bluelab Carry Case and Bluelab care and calibration solutions for optimal performance.

Find out more or locate a stockist by visiting

Bluelab Peripod M4

Easy integration for nutrient solution management

Bluelab® PeriPod™ M4 is a simple and reliable inclusion for a fully-integrated solution for optimal reservoir dosing. It responds to dosing triggers received from the Bluelab® Pro Controller™ and pumps pH adjusters and nutrient stock solutions into your reservoir using peristaltic pumps. Accurately measure, control, and maintain pH levels. Grow sites are all different, so now you can choose the pump size to match your set up needs and add optional extras to the dosing system set up.

Compatible with most modern growing systems including recirculating and drain to waste; works with the Bluelab® Pro Controller™ and Bluelab® Dosetronic™ models.

Check out for different nutrient management solutions.

Bluelab Pulse Multimedia Meter

Easy measurements directly to your mobile.

The Bluelab Pulse Multimedia Meter is a revolution – the first of its kind in a range that connects directly to your mobile device. Simply, quickly, and easily spot check moisture, conductivity, and temperature directly from the root zone and nutrient solution to allow early identification of results over or under range. Spot check and correct to achieve better yield and grow healthier plants across a wide range of growing media including soil, coco, Rockwool, potting mix and nutrient solution. Quickly and easily check multiple plants in one greenhouse. Know your moisture levels to optimise irrigation cycles and water consumption, and control risk of root infections. Monitoring your nutrient level will help optimise growth by ensuring the right amount of nutrients for the growth stage of your plants. Keep an eye on the temperature to optimise root function; spot temperature fluctuations; and control the health of the biologicals.

You can achieve better yields, reduce shrink, and grow healthier plants. Pulse is always with you: handheld, portable, and always available for essential and immediate measurements.

Find out more or locate a stockist by visiting

PGZ18 to E40 Lamp Holder Adapter

So, you just bought a new Ceramic Metal Halide lamp and ballast. You’ve connected your old reflector to the new ballast and are about to install the awesome new Maxibright 315w Agro lamp when it suddenly dawns on you that the connection in the reflector is completely different to the one on the lamp. Curse you, technology!

Fear not, dearest grower, Maxibright has your connection problems in hand with the new super strong E40 to PGZ18 adapter. Designed to ensure the lamp is held firmly in a straight position, improving the overall stability of the lamp. With its superior design (zero plastic parts), any reflector you wish may now be home to your new 315 Maxi CDM lamp.

Ask for it at your favourite store.

Maxifan Round Base Pedestal Fan

You may well be accustomed to seeing fans with cross bases, but get ready to have your mind blown. You wanted it, Maxigrow went and did it: that’s right, round base fans. No more will you fear the top-heavy wobble of a cross base fan, teetering on its axis as it oscillates through its arching parabola. These sturdy pedestal fans have a much sturdier and weighty round base, ensuring a worry (and wobble) free operation. Move the air around your room like a boss with these powerful 40cm diameter oscillating fans from Maxigrow.

Secret Jardin Greenhouse Tents

Greenhouses – Aren’t they great? Lovely outdoor structures of pristine glass to make the most of the natural environment that we live in. Well, unfortunately not all of us in an urban environment have the luxury of our own glasshouse, so Secret Jardin has gone and sorted us out with the next best thing!

The new Greenhouse Tent from Secret Jardin measures 70cm x 70cm and 70cm high, its unique shape contributing to a fantastic footprint of light, from the 65W CFL lamp it comes provided with. An ideal size tent for growing/storing all of your mother/stock plants; give Maxigrow a shout today to find out more!

SANlight M30 LED-Module

Maximum Efficiency and Flexibility, Even in the Smallest Space

The M30 is an innovative and compact 30W LED luminaire designed to be used as a standalone or auxiliary lighting for plant production. The spectral composition was designed to maximise photosynthetic usability even in the smallest space. Following the natural sunlight, the M30 emits a continuous spectrum from 400 to 730nm.

An optionally available rail system enables the combination of multiple M30 LED modules, making it a truly flexible solution.

Passively cooled, the M30 is absolutely noiseless and maintenance free.

MADE in AUSTRIA – SANlight guarantees the best quality and extraordinary support and customer service.

Visit for all the technical details.