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Product Spotlight

CANNAGEL – CBD Healthcare Muscle & Joint Massage Gel

Editor’s Pick – We only have a couple of samples from the Product Earth & Hydroponic Expo, but this has now become our go-to for sore muscles and pain. Whether used after gardening, hauling rocks, or biking longer distances than usual, this stuff works!

This high-quality muscle and joint gel is for topical use. Manufactured in the UK, it is 100% Paraben-free. Containing Eucalyptus oil, Angelica root oil, Celery oil, Rosemary oil, Wintergreen oil, Cinnamon oil, Camphor oil, and Glucosamine Sulfate combined with Full Spectrum CBD Oil, CANNAGEL is soothing to sports injuries, torn muscles, bruises, sprains, and arthritic joints.

Studies have shown that cannabinoids control the firing of pain signals from the joint to the brain by attaching themselves to nerve receptors. They have provided statistically significant improvements in pain on movement, pain at rest, and quality of sleep.

Be on the lookout for CANNAGEL and other great CBD Healthcare products at a store near you, or visit for more info.

Prodigy Grow Tents

Made of at least 210D tent fabric, these high-quality tents are sturdy! The larger tents come armed with thick 600D tent fabric and thicker poles. Find Prodigy Grow Tents at a store near you. Exclusively distributed by The Growers Wholesale.

Follow the Prodigy story: @prodigygrowtents #prodigygrowtents

Horti King Pro Digital Ballast

The Most Popular Ballast in the Horti Range!

A fast start-up ballast, the bulb reaches maximum brightness very quickly. The ballast incorporates dynamic detection of load and power supply, as well as protection for overload, overvoltage, load short, under-voltage, and lamp end of life. The ballast is IP20 dust-tight.
Combined with the Horti King reflector and bulb, the Horti King Pro digital kit is a superior quality light kit at an affordable price to suit amateur and professional growers alike.

Available at a retailer near you. Follow @highlighthorticultureltd for more great products.

BudBox Lite

BudBox has been setting the standard for grow tents since 2004, making excellent quality, hard-wearing grow tents.

The BudBox Lite continues this tradition of excellent design and function but at a lower price point for all to enjoy. All the same great features as The BudBox Pro tent range but stripped down to the essentials. Sturdy, durable, well-stitched tent fabric, interlocking heavy duty poles for sturdy support, and numerous ventilation ports to allow the correct size ducting to be fitted.

BudBox Lite: made to create a perfect, portable indoor growing environment.

Visit to find the grow tent that is right for you.

The New Garden Highpro Humipro

A 4-litre ultrasonic humidifier with automatic power control and remote control feature.

The double nozzle rotates 360° to allow for maximum dispersion of mist in your growing area while the integral humidistat will stop the humidifier when the set relative humidity is achieved. Equipped with three output levels for even greater control with a maximum output of 250ml per hour. Takes up very little space, the footprint of the unit is 160mm x 160mm and 315mm high.

Garden Highpro – #BornToBeAGrower

The Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat

Prepare for the colder months ahead.

This handy plug and play unit comprises of a remote thermostat, a built-in temperature sensor, and receiver switch. Hang, stand or wall mount the thermostat in your grow room or tent up to 20 metres away from the receiver switch and set your target temperature. The switch can be set to turn on whenever the temperature goes above or below the desired level, making it perfect for controlling heaters or fans. Set any temperature between 0°C – 70°C (32°F – 158°F) in 1° increment or use the override function to turn appliances on or off.

Available through your local hydroponic stockist today!

Follow @hydrogardenltd for more great products.

HydroLogic Purification Systems

Now Available at Highlight Horticulture.
Look for their purification systems in quality hydro stores across the UK!

Tried and true water filtration solutions for every type of application. The best selling EvolutionRO High-Flow system now has an improved dry membrane design, increasing flow rate by 20% – Over 4,500 Liters per day! Eliminate 100% of chloramine with the Chlorashield superior carbon filtration, available for smallBoy, TALLBoy, SteathRO, EvolutionRO, and Pre-Evolution systems. The Mini-ARCS reclaims and purifies up to 2725.5 litres per day of HVAC runoff, perfectly balances pH for ultra-pure, contaminant-free water: Zero waste!

Visit to find out which water filtration solution is right for your application.


The power of bat poo is one that needs no introduction. With its earliest recorded use dating back to the times of the Andean’s and Inca’s, Bat guano has been helping farmers grow high yields and quality organic crops for over a millennium. Fortunately, this ethereal gardening knowledge has not been lost on modern man, but rather made the most of by its incorporation into a premium peat-based potting soil.

Available as a pre-mixed substrate (perfect for planting straight into) or even on its own as a dry powdered amendment that can be incorporated into a more typically hydroponic substrate like coco. No-one need be deprived of the benefits that a little bit of bat poo has to offer, as the age-old gardening saying goes: “Without the bat, the taste is flat.”

Get down your local store and pick up a bag today.

Visit for more great products.

Powerhouse 9-way Timer With Heater Plug

Simple designs for simple problems. Night-time conditions are something that growers can overlook, but making sure your temperatures do not drop too low when your lights are out is crucial to maintaining an optimum level of metabolism in your plant. The result is a much more satisfying quality of yield at the end.

The Powerhouse has 8 sockets dedicated for HID lights of up to 26 amps and one 9-amp socket to control a heater. Up to 4x 1000w lights or 8x 600w lights can be used, plus a 9-amp (just over 2000w) heater, all your electrical needs safely controlled from one nifty little box.

Ask your local store or visit for more details.

Secret Jardin Rubber Fan and Filter Connectors

Your extraction system is crucial to ensuring a peaceful and prosperous time when growing your favourite veggies. A commonly under-rated part of your extraction system is the connection between your fan and filter. You need to ensure that all connections are entirely air-tight, so absolutely no VOC’s make their way through without being filtered first.

Enter SJ rubber duct connectors, offering a worry-free connection that is super easy to set up, also removing the need for cutting down ducting or using gaffer tape as an ad-hoc sealant.

An un-assuming and nifty piece of kit that offers you a fantastic failsafe for your exhaust system, get down to your local shop and enquire about them today – genuinely a tool no-one should be without.


Maxibright 1000W DE Super Bloom Lamps

Everybody loves a double-ender. Hilarious sexual puns aside, they will give you the most intense and full-bodied output of all the HPS lamps out there at the minute. These new 1000W 400V DE Super bloom lamps from Maxibright have the sort of high-end efficiency you would expect in a top-notch grow lamp (2.1umol per Watt – total output of 2100μmol per second) and at a great price. The PAR Spectrum is heavily weighted towards the orange/red end of the spectrum too. In fact, you will find a whopping 74% more red in these lamps compared to equivalent lamps on the market – perfect for helping grow high-quality flowers and fruit.

Visit for more great products.

What is Mr. Danks’ Special Boost Secret?

This stuff is blowing up the underground indoor growing scene in the UK right now. Flick the switch on “thrive” mode and plants don’t look back!

Marketed as a full lifecycle “boost”, the exact origins of Mr Danks’ Special Boost Secret remain a mystery. We do know that it’s a concentrated, PGR-free mix of highly bioavailable silicon blended on top of an organic, proprietary base of L-aminos. This super potent, pH neutral silicon source (simultaneous use of other silicon supplements is NOT recommended; always follow dosage guidelines) promotes stronger, girthier stems and branches, leading to heavier, denser flowers. UK growers are consistently reporting increased yields (up to 15% extra dry weight), improved structure, potency, and more sophisticated terpene profiles. Fully compatible with soil, coco, Rockwool and water culture.

Mr. Danks’ Instagram account @mr_danks420 remains a source of some controversy and is NOT for the faint-hearted.

Distributed exclusively in the UK by Creation Wholesale. For more info, visit