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100% vegan, containing plant-based raw materials only, enriched with primordial sea minerals and mixed with pure low saline seawater, Bio Nova Veganics sets a new standard.

Using Veganics Grow and Veganics Bloom will maintain the balance in the substrate as well as in the plant. Both formulations are 100% organic, Control Union and USDA NOP certified liquid nutrients that are particularly recommended for sustainable agriculture and organic farming.

Veganics GROW is formulated to be used during the entire growing season.

  • Product is directly bio-available for the roots
  • Naturally built-in root stimulator
  • Small cuttings and seedlings will gain strength from the first application
  • Steady growth with small internodes
  • Increases the number of secondary branches
  • Stimulates the forming of flowers

Veganics BLOOM is formulated to be used during the budding or flowering stage.

  • Clean and pure big yields
  • Terpenes of the highest possible grade
  • No rest or waste material/nutrients in the crop
  • Intense fine smell

Cost effective and free of heavy metals. For even better results, use Bio Nova’s organic stimulators, such as BN X-cel and The Missing Link.

Visit for more information.

Cellmax BIO Soil Mix

100% Organic, ready-to-use, pre-fertilised soil charged with beneficial bacteria that also contains natural humic and fulvic substances.

All ingredients carefully selected from the best raw materials,  50% of which come from renewable and durable sources.

Certified organic,  BIO potting soil is enriched with a 100% plant-based fertiliser for the first 4-6 weeks of plant growth, natural fulvic and humic substances extracted from water treatment facilities, and an organic soil improver that comes from the wine industry as a residual by-product. Contains 4 different species of soil fungi, 5 different kinds of Streptomyces, and 5 types of beneficial bacteria. The soil consists exclusively of vegetable components and does not contain any animal by-products.

Visit for info on the entire BIO line.

ONA Misting Dome

Create a relaxing atmosphere filled with the pleasant fragrances of ONA. The Misting Dome pumps out a steady mist of ONA liquid which will remove any nasty odours from the air safely and naturally.

It runs at a whisper-quiet 35db and features internal LED lighting with 7 colours or colour cycling to choose from. The Misting Dome will brighten up your rooms and keep them smelling beautiful.

The unit is lightweight and portable; it can be moved from room to room with ease. It is made from corrosion-resistant PP and is available in pink, green, and white.

Find yours at your local progressive gardening store.

Ecothrive Coco Lite Mix

Get your plants off to a flying start every time with Ecothrive Coco Lite Mix. This unique, top-tier coconut coir potting mix comes complete with Ecothrive Charge pre-blended at the perfect ratio for an unbeatable biological boost—just when your plants need it the most.

The perfect mix of 70% coco coir and 30% perlite for optimum aeration. Perlite increases the amount of air within the mix and reduces the water holding capacity. This creates a lighter coco mix with better drainage and improved resistance to compaction. Plants grown in Ecothrive Coco Lite Mix will be far less prone to the effects of over-watering than pure coco coir.

Visit to find out more.

Introducing Expando V2

Following Extendo Grows great success with their pioneering product the Expando, they have now teamed up with Black Orchid to bring out the Expando V2.

Lessons learned from the original, the Expando V2 is a more solid, durable grow tent space booster. Now with stronger aluminium poles and a new securing mechanism, it will not move once attached. Able to handle high levels of negative pressure and fits any tent 1M plus, the Expando V2 is becoming a grow tent essential.

Sold two per pack. Visit to order yours now.

355 EC Super Silent Revolution

The new 355 EC Super Silent Revolution is the most powerful fan in our industry. Giving a massive 5929m3/h hour while delivering air flows under pressure. Manufactured in Europe with state of the art EC technology, the Super Silent EC Revolution is the most reliable, durable, and quietest extractor fan for your indoor cultivation environment. With sealed steel housing to prevent leaks for your peace of mind, the Super Silent EC Revolution is the market leader, running at a lower decibel than competitors’ products in a test environment.

Mountain Air Filters

Each perfectly-designed filter contains a rare form of carbon derived from sub-bituminous black coal, offering superior airflow that removes 99% of contaminants including organic odours, mould spores, dust, and lint under 20 microns in one pass. This guarantees them to last 50% longer than your average filter; the reason why they’ve been voted North America’s Best Filter 5 times.

Available in a range of sizes to suit your grow area, from 4 to 12 inches. Comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

To find out more, visit or your local hydroponic retailer today.

ChloraShield – A Better Carbon Filter

HydroLogic is proud to announce a new line of hydroponic carbon filters used specifically for 100% removal of chloramines: ChloraShield. These filters are rated at 1-4 gallons per minute, with a 3,000 – 24,000 life capacity, depending on size.

Made in the USA, the ChloraShield is available for the BIGboy, PreEvolution, TALLBoy, Evolution-RO, Stealth-RO, and smallBoy systems.

Give your plants the best chance and start with PURE WATER.

Visit for all your filtering needs.

ProActive PKB with added Boron

PK Boosters have gained themselves a solid reputation amongst growers, having been used for countless years to improve crops throughout the world. Their chief mode of action is simply to supply the extra phosphor and potassium that a fruiting body requires; increasing the osmotic pressure and improving the transportation of mobile elements throughout the plant as a whole. One big difference with this PK booster is the addition of boron. Boron is a highly under-rated microelement, whose application alongside a pk booster massively improves sugar transportation, nutrient uptake, and cell wall production.

Make sure you maximise your harvest with Pro-Active PK Booster today.

Hydro Shoot Rev 2 Grow Tents

The French secret is out and you heard it here first… Hydro Shoot has become a fully-fledged member of the Secret Jardin family. Multiple upgrades build quality and more sizes are now available. Impeccable darkroom quality tents that Secret Jardin is known and loved for, but at extremely reasonable prices. Hydro Shoot is the new go-to brand for hobby growers across Europe who ‘want more for less’.

Contact Maxigrow for more info today!

Clonex Mist Concentrate

Purchasing a bottle of Clonex Mist concentrate for your propagating area is one of the biggest advantages you could give your plants during the early stages. Ensure a smooth transition into your main growing chamber that will ultimately translate into a successful harvest. Ideal for pre-treating mother plants before taking clones, it can also be used as a foliar additive for plants in propagation.  Give your plants an advantage right from the very start. Use Clonex Mist in a few simple steps.

Pop down to your local store for more info.

Varidrive Digital Variable Power Pack

Everyone wants to get the best quality possible for the best price. The new Varidrive 600W Digital dimmable ballast from Maxibright offers growers exactly that! Extensive improvements to the build quality over many generations of digital ballasts have been made to ensure you get high-end performance for minimal investment. So, if you are after a fantastically affordable replacement for your existing grow light, look no further! High-end performance for a low-cost price point. Contact Maxibright for more info.


The Answer to a Problem Many Indoor Gardeners Have Been Battling With for Ages

Some of the most obvious solutions are only clear once someone has invented them. Odoor is an easily installed door cover that keeps odours and light from escaping the indoor garden environment. The outtake filter eliminates odours from the source. You can also prevent the odours from escaping through the entrance to your room.

Manufactured under ISO 9001 standards, quality is built into every aspect of the product.

Visit for more details.