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Product Spotlight

Fasilitor by Aptus

Exclusively available from Hydrofarm

Concentrated, Pure, and Fast Acting.

The Flagship of the Aptus Product Lineup, Fasilitor is a patented formula that works by increasing vascular pressure within the plant to heighten mineral translocation throughout its entire structure, resulting in more complete, robust, and quality tissue formation.

Unlike other silica products on the market that contain potassium or calcium silicates and take weeks or months to become available, Fasilitor’s monomeric (single molecule) silicic acid is absorbed into your plant within minutes.

The patented and stabilized concentration of monomer silicic acid particles allows for fast response against abiotic and biotic stress factors (environmental and pests), shorter internodal spacing, incredible bio-availability, and increased yields all while utilizing natural mechanisms within the plant to gain these benefits.

Visit to learn more about the entire product line.  


Mountain Air® EC High Flow centrifugal Fans are the pinnacle of modern-day fan performance. Engineered to excellence by the team at Western Electrical, the fans feature a high-powered DC motor which is attached to tailor-made flow-conditioning fins which minimize turbulence and noise. The device also features forward curved impeller blades which are designed to maximize static pressure performance, therefore, making it ideal for long ducting runs in a demanding environment.

Visit or for more information.

Grozone TV-12

Controlling your indoor garden’s environment is 100% up to you. Your success or failure depends on it. In the end, you are only as good as your equipment. I am a huge advocate of environmental controllers, data collection, and understanding as much as possible how the environment influences the health of any particular crop. You need the proper equipment to do specific jobs.

Based out of St. Pascal, Quebec, Canada, Grozone has been making controllers for North American growers for over 12 years. Great products, better people, and a customer service that is uniquely French Canadian and a pleasure to deal with; an excellent company worth supporting.

The TV12 Variable Fan Speed Controller is my top Grozone pick.

  • Day & Night setting.
  • Automatically slows down or speeds up centrifugal fans to maintain user selected temperature setpoints (55°F to 95°F).
  • Idle speed between 25% and 60% of full power.
  • Cold weather shut off feature
  • 6-ft temperature probe precise to 2°F/1°C.
  • Can run intake and outtake fans on one controller, up to 750W, 6,2A

Elegant in its simplicity, the TV12 is perfect for any grower that uses centrifugal fans to control their grow room’s temperature.

Commercial Dirt Pots

Introducing the Next Generation of Dirt Pots,
Redesigned with the Commercial Grower in Mind!

Hydrofarm has partnered with RediRoot to create Commercial Dirt Pots—fabric planters designed for the commercial grower. Available in bulk packs and featuring a sturdy, top-stitched rim for easier filling. Commercial Dirt Pots are recycled, recyclable, and BPA-free. Commercial Dirt Pots come in 14 sizes, from 1 gallon to 200 gallons, and our seven most popular sizes are also available with handles for easy lifting.

  • No root circling
  • Breathable fabric means superior drainage and aeration
  • 100% recycled, recyclable, and BPA-free

Go to for more information.

iHort Q Plugs

For Better Roots and Healthier Plants

A lightweight, porous growing medium that is designed to germinate seedlings and root cuttings in a closely populated tray system. iHort Q plugs® are made with a proprietary bonded soil and engineered specifically to be transplanted as plants grow, whether that’s into larger containers, growing beds, or even outdoors in open fields. Q plugs® allow you to inspect, move, and also automate the handling of delicate seedlings without disturbing roots or damaging your plants. Inside, the open, porous structure helps maintain an ideal air-to-water balance and superior drainage. Plants root faster, and roots grow better and stronger for healthier plants and increased yields. Q plugs® are available in a large selection of sizes and shapes to meet your specific growing requirements.

Visit for more details.

Private Reserve Airtight Strongbox

Keeps your prized harvest safe and secure!

Designed to keep your plant-based products sealed and safe. Airtight, watertight, lightproof, and uncrushable, these Strongboxes are made of food-safe stainless steel to protect the shape and structure of delicate dried plants, with food-safe silicone seals to prevent leaks and contain odors. Sturdy, all-metal latches on all four sides keep your product secure and allow you to remove the entire lid for easy and thorough cleaning, inside and out. All sizes have a top handle for easier carrying, and the rounded square shape makes them great for stacking and packing large quantities. You can even write on them (use a non-permanent marker) to label what’s inside, then erase and relabel when contents change. Available in four sizes, from 2.5 L to 10 L.

Learn more by visiting


How Much is Your Grow Worth to You?
Protect Your Investment with Procidic2®

A systemic, broad-spectrum bactericide and fungicide specifically created to protect medical cannabis and hemp throughout the growing cycle. Use it all season to prevent and control powdery mildew, bud rot, and root rot. Procidic2® is safe to use up to the day of harvest, with no maximum number of sprays per season. It qualifies for exemption from EPA registration (FIFRA 25b) and is approved under the Washington State Department of Agriculture Organic Food Program for use in organic production. Apply as a standalone or mix with other inputs.

For more info, visit

South Cascade Organics SLF-100

Clean up your act with South Cascade Organics SLF-100

With over 18 years of proven success in commercial applications, South Cascade Organics SLF-100 is a 100% organic and OMRI listed enzymatic formula specifically designed to break out salts. Used as a cleanser for hydroponic systems and soilless media, SLF-100 goes to work immediately to keep your system running smooth and free of toxic buildup. SLF-100 is useful in all phases of the growing cycle and is compatible with all nutrients, fertilizers, and rooting compounds. SLF-100 is also compatible with H202. Thanks to a proprietary blend of naturally occurring enzymes, SLF-100 is pH neutral in concentrated form and has NO added sugars or NPK. Keep it clean with SLF-100 from South Cascade Organics!

Go to to learn more.

Evolution by Method Seven

The Evolution is a fashion-forward style frame with a concealed flex-hinge and premium HPS optics. Presented in a Matte Black color. It was designed by Method Seven Labs for its lightweight style and comfort with their revolutionary Rendition mineral glass lens.

Protect your eyes. For more great Method Seven eyewear, visit

Trimpro Trimbox

Designed for smaller producers, the TRIMPRO TRIMBOX is engineered along the same lines as the ‘Original’ model, allowing the same high level of manual control over the trim.

Built to last, it is mounted or removed from any workbench in seconds. The lightweight and highly transportable TRIMBOX is efficient and affordable, providing excellent results.

As with all TRIMPRO products, the blades are adjustable to meet your specific trimming need or preference and are easily removed for occasional and careful sharpening or replacement.

Visit for the full range of trimming products.

Trimpro Unplugged

The quietest trimmer ever, the TRIMPRO UNPLUGGED is a light, yet rugged ‘go-anywhere’ model designed for the home enthusiast and ideal for use in any situation where a need for noise discretion means power models just won’t do.

It gently processes flowers with slim leather fingers, encouraging leaves onto its grate and the razor-edged, stainless steel blades below. Blade height is adjustable as with all TRIMPRO products.

And speed, of course, is controlled by your very own hand.

For more information, go to


A super concentrated growth powder that works well with any base and in all mediums. It can be used by the gram for reservoirs or mixed into a concentrate for dosers and fertigation systems. Stackswell effectively replaces all calcium-magnesium supplements. It is crafted to maximize root and shoot growth stimulation.

Visit for more information.

Lucius LED Grow Light 

Boasting an industry-leading 1,200 μmol, Lucius LED is the cultivator’s first choice for a safe, low heat, energy efficient and easy to use light.

The Lucius LED Grow Light is equipped with the latest safety features that protect against overloading, short circuit, over temperature, as well as over and under voltage protection. The Daisy chain option allows to connect multiple Lucius LED units together and the multi-purpose bracket provides many installation options for greenhouses and vertical farms, inter-lighting and under-lighting applications.

Visit Dome Garden Supplies for more info.