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Tissue Culture l: Propagating Many Plants In Small Spaces

There’s more than one way to propagate plants! In the first article of this series, Philip McIntosh talks about tissue culture and how it works.

Holiday Gifts For The Garden’s Busiest Workers

The gardener in your life deserves something special this holiday season, as do the pollinators! Spoil them both with this list of awesome gift ideas.

Lactic Acid Fermentation A Tasty And Nutritious Science Experiment

Fermentation is a budget-friendly way to preserve nutritious food! In this article, Martyna Krol guides us through the process of lactic acid fermentation.

Keeping Container Plants Warm In The Winter

With urban gardening on the rise, more people are growing plants in small spaces. Follow these tips to help your container garden keep warm all winter.

A Grower’s Guide To Cost-Effective Crop Nuisance Control

Every serious grower needs cost-effective nuisance control for their crops. In this article, Adam Clarke tells us about his experience with hypochlorous acid.

Budget-Friendly Ways To Grow Food

It’s all about eating well, living sustainably, and saving money these days. Anne Gibson has budget-friendly tips for growing food in your kitchen all year!

Spooky Plants And Halloween Horror In The Garden

Is there such a thing as spooky plants? You bet! In time for Halloween, we've made a list of greenery that'll send chills down your spine. Read it if you dare!

November Garden Tips: Keeping The Garden Cozy And Soil Healthy

November days might be dreary, but that’s no excuse to be a couch potato! Get out into the garden and ensure she’s warm and healthy before winter sets in.

Things You Can Do Throughout The Seasons To Keep Bee Hives Buzzing

When we think of helping the bees, we often only think of summer gardens. But even in the cold, there’s so much we can do to keep our bee hives buzzing!

Fit To Be Carved: Finding The Perfect Pumpkin In Time For Halloween

It’s pumpkin harvest time! With Halloween around the corner, follow these tips for selecting the perfect gourd for carving, cooking, or both!

H20 And Your Indoor Grow: The Differences Between Hard And Soft Water

What kind of water do you have? Rich Hamilton explains the differences between hard and soft water and how it can impact an indoor grow.

Deadheading: Another Fall Garden Chore Bites The Dust

There’s plenty to do in the garden in the fall; let us spare you a task! Waiting to deadhead and cut back perennials will do the local ecosystem a lot of good.

Plant A Native Garden Your Neighbors Will Love

Who says native gardens have to be messy? Judy Nauseef offers advice on designing and planting a native garden you, your neighbors, and pollinators will love!

Blue Sky Hemp Ventures

Hemp plants are back, baby! Blue Sky Hemp Ventures is shining the spotlight on this super sustainable crop for its rapid growth and multiple uses.

Darren Roberts- Warland Eco Growing

Gardening is in Darren Roberts’ blood! Drawn into food production at Warland Farm, Darren uses his problem-solving skills to help grow food on various scales.

The Wild Roots Project

It’s all about people and plants at the Wild Roots Project, a group devoted to working with adults suffering from mental health issues and various disabilities.

Bumblebee Farm

Unique fruits, vegetables, and herbs are the name of the game at Bumblebee Farm, a small-scale, organic operation promoting sustainability and seasonal eating.

John Kerrane

Sometimes real people offer better gardening inspiration than anything found on Instagram. Take John Kerrane, for example, who has a beautiful allotment.

Young Roots Farm

Young Roots Farm is a small-scale ecological farm offering marginalized youth a chance to connect with nature and homegrown, nutritious food.

Bella Organic

Pumpkin patches and giant corn mazes in the fall are as nostalgic as Christmas sleigh rides. Bella Organic is all the more special because it’s eco-friendly!

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