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A Quick Guide To Growing Organic Greens At Home

Is the shortage of salad greens at the local supermarket getting you down? While they may seem simple, these greens …

Two Birds, One Stone: Edimental Gardens Create Beauty And Food Security

What happens when edible plants collide with ornamentals? An edimental garden, of course! We’ll tell you exactly what it is and how to build it!

Confessions of a UK Hydro Store: Progrow Exeter

A behind the scenes look at the grow shops selling your favourite hydroponic products and offering your favourite gardening magazine!

Eight Trending Perennial Vegetables For 2023 And Beyond

Have you heard about the perennial vegetable trend? Get started with this ultimate growing guide on Garden Culture Magazine.

Upcycled Planters Are Kind To The Planet, And Our Wallets

March 18th is Global Recycling Day, so we thought we’d offer tips on getting creative and upcycling everyday household items into beautiful planters!

A Fresh List Of Garden Tasks As Spring Fever Sets In

Spring is here! As the days get longer and the soil warms up, it’s time to get out into the garden to prepare for the growing season ahead.

Seed Germination And The Three S’s: Stratification, Scarification, Soaking

It’s the time of year when seed germination becomes an obsession! Give your garden seeds their best shot at germination with these top tips.

Easy Tips And Tricks For Seed Starting Success

YES! It’s time to think about starting seeds, and we’re here to answer your most-asked questions so you can jumpstart your growing season!

Where Love Grows: Tito’s handmade vodka

Imagine feeding yourself and your family fresh produce every week at no cost? Catherine Sherriffs writes about a cool employee perk at Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

Clematis Lovers, Get Out Into the Garden and Get Pruning!

From one clematis love to another, Jennifer Cole offers her easy tips and tricks to identifying clematis groups and giving them an annual pruning.

Seedy Saturday Events Encourage Community And Love For All Things Seeds

Looking for Saturday plans? Consider attending or hosting a Seedy Saturday event where you can exchange seeds and learn from local gardeners.

Setting the Stage For Mushroom Cultivation

Whether starting from a spore or pre-inoculated kit, cleanliness will be a significant factor in the success of your first grow.

How To Keep Hummingbirds Well-Fed Throughout The Winter

Between March and September, hummingbirds are spotted in gardens across North America, enjoying the nectar from brightly-colored plants. As part …

A Crash Course On Winter Bees And How They Survive The Cold

You might think bees die in the winter, but they’re resilient creatures! Winter bees are fascinating insects. Learn all about them here.

Celebrating Black Leadership And Growing Skills At Seattle’s Yes Farm

Operated by the Black Farmers Collective, Yes Farm strives to create a black-led, sovereign food system. Read more at Garden Culture online.

Tissue Culture ll: The Magnificent World Of Mushrooms

Tissue culture is a fascinating way to start new plants. In the second part of his series, Philip McIntosh discusses growing mushroom-producing fungi.

The Sunflower Farm

Feel like taking a stroll through 20 acres of sunflowers? The Sunflower Farm is nothing short of gorgeous and is committed to community and supporting local.

Beetbox Farm

Gotta love an urban growing venture like Beetbox Farm! This awesome worker cooperative offers nutritious food through a successful CSA program.

Soil Shepherd Farm

Elizabeth and Dustin farm on land that once belonged to her great-grandparents! They grow with intention, hoping to keep the plants, soil, and people healthy.

Ferme Agricola

Ferme Agricola grows healthy, organic vegetables and believes strongly in building community. It donates unsold crops to a local food hub helping those in need.

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