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How To Grow Vegetables on a Windowsill

Are you longing for homegrown veggies but live in a small space? Urban gardening can be challenging; follow these tips for year-round harvests on a windowsill!

Agricultural Threefolding and Building a Cooperative Grocery Store in a Food Desert

In this article, Evan Folds explains how a focus on agricultural threefolding has led him to impactful projects, like building a grocery co-op in a food desert.

The Dos and Donts of Harvesting, Curing and Storing Garlic

You plant the garlic, watch it grow, harvest the scapes, pick the bulbs, and then eat it, right? Wrong! There’s more to harvesting garlic than meets the eye.

The Half-Hour Allotment: Thriving Gardens In Just 30 Minutes A Day

Have you been wanting to grow your food but don’t have the time? Life is busy! But thriving, productive gardens are possible with just 30 minutes of work a day!

Pests and Diseases: The Interconnectedness of Plant Health

Joanna Berg knows sick plants, and in this article, writes about her experience with integrated pest management in the cannabis cultivation community.

How To Make An Organic Houseplant Fertilizer

Looking to give your houseplants a little extra love? Follow this recipe for an easy and organic indoor plant fertilizer from Stephanie Rose’s Garden Alchemy.

Smart Gardening: Bringing Technology Into The Garden

Gardening by instinct is great, but what if your green thumb isn’t fully developed? Smart gardening brings tech to your plants and can make a big difference!

The Continued Organic Certification of Hydroponics

Two kinds of passionate growers are pitted against each other on the subject of organic certification in hydroponics. Philip McIntosh gives us the latest in this battle.

Learning About and Cultivating Patience In The Garden

Things in the garden can change overnight. You can go from nothing to something, or from success to failure. That’s why we need to cultivate patience.

The Dangers of Overwatering the Garden, Even During a Heatwave

It’s been a steamy start to the summer, with temperatures hitting record highs. Even though it’s hot, don’t overwater the garden, even during a heatwave!

Fight Pests, Diseases, and Improve Soil Health with Vermicast

Gardener or farmer, we should all be striving to build healthy soils! Anne Gibson talks about vermicast, free fertilizer, and fighting pests and diseases.

Floating Gardens: An Old Growing Trend Could Help Improve Water Quality

Floating gardens are nothing new, but their benefits on water quality are just being discovered! Will we be seeing more of these “island gardens” soon?

How To Encourage Pollination Inside A Greenhouse

Greenhouses offer perks, but pollination, or a lack thereof, might be a problem. Here are some tips to help with crop fertilization in a closed growing space.

Foraging For Wild Medicinal Mushrooms

Many people think most wild mushrooms are poisonous, but that’s not the case! Caroline Rivard tells us about some of the best medicinal mushrooms out there.

Going Away? Vacation Planning for Container Gardens

Going away on vacation or plan on being away for a few long weekends this summer? Follow these tips to keep your container garden thriving while you’re gone.

Warped Strawberries? Why It Happens And How To Fix Them

Got misshapen strawberries? While it doesn’t mean they taste bad, warped or deformed berries are a sign that something’s not quite right. Here’s why it happens.

SOS! Preventing and Controlling Whitefly Infestations

Whitefly infestations are brutal! This garden pest reproduces rapidly and is very destructive. Rich Hamilton shares tips on preventing and controlling them.

Permaculture Diaries: Why Raising Chickens in the Forest is Best

Raising chickens is turning into a popular hobby as people look to become more sustainable. Regan Moran talks about why raising them in the forest is best.

Growing Micro Fruits, Veggies, and Herbs in Tiny Spaces

Live in a tiny space but still want to grow food? Micro edibles are small but make a big impact, with plenty of compact or dwarf plant varieties out there.

How Plants Produce Their Own Pest Control

Pests and diseases can be devastating to your beloved crops. But did you know plants can produce their own pest control? Dr. Callie Seaman tells us how.

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