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Take A Walk On The Wild Side With Horticultural Disobedience

Gardeners gone wild! Horticultural disobedience is a movement that has many homeowners breaking city bylaws and letting their lawns grow naturally.

Assawaga Farm

Assawaga Farm specializes in growing Japanese crops not commonly found in the U.S., such as Mizuna, Komatsuna, and Japanese peppers and eggplants.

Seasonal Eating: Get Cozy With These Healthy Fall Favorites

Ready for roasting and cozy soups and stews this fall? Seasonal eating is good for our health and wallets. Check out these fall superstars for your next meal!

Incredible Farm

In the age of climate change, Incredible Farm aims to teach young people how to grow nutritious food in environmentally friendly ways.

Les Jardins des Lakou

Les Jardins des Lakou is a bio-intensive, organic micro-farm that focuses on growing Afro-Caribbean fruits and vegetables.

Data-Driven Farming: The Past, Present, and Future

We’ve come a long way when it comes to using technology in agriculture. Sarah Schuette takes a look at the past, present, and future of data-driven farming.

The Learning Garden

The Learning Garden has much to offer! This magnificent space is welcoming to nature and a place where children and their parents can learn, play, and relax.

Lil Green Urban Farm

Lil Green Urban Farm is hooked on hydroponics, providing families and businesses in Calgary with fresh, locally grown microgreens year-round.

Sebastian Malinowski – Suski

From giant veg to beekeeping, Sebastian Malinowski is a gardener of all trades who has a serious passion for growing fine produce.

POP! Microgreens

POP! Microgreens believes the solution to many of our food issues is local sourcing and is helping the community of Montpelier, VT eat fresh year-round.

5 Cool Ways To Add Simple Tech To Your Indoor Garden

Garden technology doesn’t have to be complicated! Here are five cool and easy ways to incorporate tech into your indoor growing ventures.

Girls Who Garden

Gardening has its highs and lows, something Stacey Horler knows all too well. Girls Who Garden is a group helping gardeners with health issues.

Celebrating National Kale Day

What is one of the world’s most nutritious superfoods? Kale, of course! It’s National Kale Day; here’s why you should celebrate this leafy green.

Taking Liberties: How To Survive Hyperinflation

What does the future hold for the world’s financial system? If you ask Everest Fernandez, hyperinflation is coming. Here’s his guide to surviving it.

The Sweet Taste of Winter Vegetables

The cooler weather is on the way, but who says we have to put our gardens to bed? Follow this guide for growing sweet winter vegetables.

Dear Diary: The Summer My Gardens Failed

Between unwanted critters, pests, and diseases, some growing seasons are far worse than others. Here’s how to cope when the garden doesn’t go as planned.

The Stench Of Power: Making Comfrey Tea

It’s easy to make but be warned; it’s stinky! Martyna Krol gives us the ins and outs of comfrey tea, the ultimate organic drink for your gardens.

The Secret To Creating And Maintaining Local Food Networks

Local food networks don’t just happen; they take time, effort, and a whole lot of patience. The secret to creating and maintaining them is conversation.

Good Cultural Practices In The Garden

Take some time to reflect on this growing season’s garden. Did you follow good cultural practices? These steps will take your crops to the next level.

Biodiverse Gardens Improve Pollination, Harvests, and Pest Control

Biodiverse gardens do more than just improve pollination, harvests, and pest control. Anne Gibson explains how they benefit nature and humans alike.

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