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Hadley Christmas Trees

Hop on a wagon to find the perfect tree and then sip hot cocoa by the wood stove. Explore the countryside and enjoy the simple things at Hadley Christmas Trees.

Small Axe Farm

We’re hitting the slopes at Small Axe Farm! Find out how this hillside, off-grid, no-till regenerative farm makes it work.

Hickory Creek Farm

The hillsides and meadows at Hickory Creek Farm are covered with gorgeous trees perfect for your holiday celebrations!

Grapes Hill Community Garden

City gardens are gaining popularity since the start of the global pandemic, and at Grapes Hill Community garden, it’s easy to see why people keep coming back.

Simply Grow Ltd

Zero-waste practices and a desire to educate people on making good food choices make Simply Grow Ltd stand out from other microgreen farms.

Twisted Roots Farm

From a big city to country life; William and Terry left the urban sprawl of British Columbia and headed east to find Mother Nature at Twisted Roots Farm.


Aquafarm is an aquaponics startup working in close partnership with a local community garden aiming to inspire people to make ethical food choices.

Balfour & Burleigh Garden

The busy area of West London is home to Balfour & Burleigh Garden, a no-dig kitchen garden that proves food can be grown in tight urban spaces.

Conserve Water In The Garden With Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is typically practiced in dry climates, but we should all be conserving water in the garden, no matter where we live. Follow these tips and tricks.

New Holiday Tradition: Potted Christmas Conifers

Forget cutting down a Christmas tree or putting up a fake. We’ve got a new holiday tradition for you: eco-friendly potted conifers! Cosmic Knot explains.

A Very Merry Plant-Based Holiday

Food prices are sky high and they’re not coming down anytime soon. The holidays can still be delicious! Consider making some plant-based festive meals.

Seeing Is Believing: Urban Sheep and Shepherds

It’s an unusual sight in cities but it’s happening more often. Urban sheep and shepherds are popping up in many parks! Albert Mondor explains the benefits.

Peat: Should You Use It In The Garden?

It’s great for the gardens but maybe peat should be a thing of the past! Jesse Singer takes a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly in the peat industry.

Climate Action: Why Urban Areas Need To Plant More Trees

Trees do many wonderful things. Beyond cleaning the air we breathe, they can help lower temperatures in urban areas surrounded by hot concrete!

Tips And Tricks To Fertilizing The Home Garden

Feed the soil and your plants will reward you! Fertilizing the garden is essential for healthy growth but also needs to be done after harvest.

Harnessing Nature Through Regenerative Agriculture

The answer to many climate-related problems lies beneath our feet! Colin Bell explains how regenerative agriculture focuses on soil health above all else.

How To Harvest And Store Milkweed Seeds

Harvesting milkweed seeds is fun and easy! Although humble in appearance, milkweed is a hero to monarch butterflies and should be included in all gardens.

Taking the Nature Out of Agriculture and the Impact on Human and Environmental Health

Environmental and human health are suffering; we’ve taken Nature out of agriculture. As Evan Folds writes, when it comes to growing food, we’ve lost our way.

Pumpkins: From Humble Crop To Jack-O’-Lanterns

We know pumpkins are in season, but ever wonder why we turn these orange gourds into jack-o’-lanterns? Here’s a little Halloween History lesson.

Growing Pains: A Dutch Grower Takes On Giant Pumpkins

Ever wondered what it’s like to grow giant veg? Here’s the tale of a young plant science student and his experience growing an award-winning pumpkin!

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