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Tips For Removing Weeds From The Garden

To celebrate National Weed Your Garden Day, we’ve put together some tips for getting rid of pesky weeds naturally and without breaking your back!

5 Cool Ways Regenerative Agriculture Works

Regenerative Agriculture is the future, and it's simpler than you might think! Check out our list of 5 cool ways this natural growing method works.

Bees, Trees, Flowers and Peas

Bees, Trees, Flowers and Peas is a biodynamic-certified horticultural contracting company with an eye for edible space design.

Fairyland Cottage

The Fairyland Cottage garden is picturesque; pollinators buzz amongst healthy plants used in herbal teas and delicious dishes. But do fairies live there?

Three Treasures Living

If you love aquaponics and hydroponics, you’ll love Three Treasures Living. The operation takes an approach that supports people, land, and ethical values.

Cultivating Hope Through Regenerative Organic Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is being touted as the solution to our climate problems. Martyna Krol explains how this movement applies to us all.

Gaia’s Ganja Garden

Gaia’s Ganja Garden is a small-scale organic cannabis farm run by passionate growers who have nothing but respect for the plant and the environment.

Sterling Hill Farm

Sterling Hill Farm wants to bring regenerative farming to your table. Farm owners Brad and Lisa treat both their land and animals with love and respect.

Earth Temple Gardens

High-quality, nutrient-rich vegetables are the speciality at Earth Temple Gardens in beautiful British Columbia. Nourishing people while protecting the land.

Urban Gardening Essential To Mitigating The Effects of Climate Change

Urban gardening and farming not only bring fresh food closer to the people, but it could be essential to mitigating the effects of climate change.

Pesto an Awesome By-Product of Cover Cropping the Garden

We know cover crops are essential to a thriving organic garden and healthy soil, but did you know they can also yield plenty of pesto? We’ll tell you how.

Making Urban Agriculture More Accessible With Table Gardens

Looking to get creative with your next growing venture? Table gardening is a cool trend that’s taking off in urban areas. Albert Mondor explains how to do it.

5 Brutal Garden Bugs And What To Do About Them

Some bugs are welcome in the garden, but others can destroy our plants and harvests! Here’s a look at five of the most brutal pests and how to control them.

Garden Crossroads: To Dig, Or Not To Dig? That Is The Question

No-dig gardening leads to thriving soil life, but what if you actually like digging? Read about one gardener’s struggles and how he’ll learn to love no-dig.

Après La Pluie: An Artisanal Organic Cannabis Farm

Après La Pluie wants to do things differently. Catherine Sherriffs details how the outdoor cannabis farm in Quebec is keeping things organic and small-scale.

Busy in the Battery: Mini-Doc Shines Light on Thriving NYC Urban Farm

We all need a little positivity these days! Get your dose by watching “Busy in the Battery”, a mini-doc about a thriving NYC urban farm.

Why Everyone Should Celebrate Plant A Vegetable Garden Day

Happy Plant A Vegetable Garden Day! Thinking about taking the plunge into growing your own food? Here are five reasons why you should do it today!

Fact or Fiction? What The Future Has In Store If We Let “Science” Win

Everest Fernandez climbs out of his cave to share his nightmarish vision of the near future. You have been warned; it’s not pretty!

Garden Tea Party: Give Your Seedlings And Roses A Boost With This Easy Alfalfa Tea

Seedlings need warmth, light, a whole lot of TLC, and, of course, nitrogen! Give them the organic boost they need with this easy DIY alfalfa tea.

Community Gardens Offer Healthy Foods, Connections, Through Challenging Times and Beyond

Community gardens play a crucial role in our neighborhoods. They offer nutritious, local foods and build connections. Here’s how one program celebrates them.

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