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A Deep-Rooted Passion For Mushrooms At Fungaia Farm

Warning! This article might cause a serious hankering for mushrooms! Joanna Berg writes about her delicious tour of Humboldt County’s Fungaia Farm.

Easy DIY: Mulching Is Essential To Climate-Friendly Gardening

Looking to be more climate-savvy? Mulching the garden is one of the best ways to check several environmental boxes. Here’s how to get it done cheaply.

The Four-Leaf Clover of Sustainable Lawns

Many homeowners spread grass seed in the fall, but we’d love for you to forgo the traditional lawn and go extra green with clover! Here’s what you need to know.

My Summer Celebrating Monarch Butterfly Sightings With My Kids

Have you seen a monarch butterfly lately? Catherine Sherriffs writes about how finding this endangered species was a victory for her and the kids.

A Gardener’s Key Takeaways From One Of The Hottest Summers On Record

From heat waves and drought to severe storms, we dealt with it all this summer. One gardener shares what she learned in the hottest growing season ever.

It Ain’t Over ‘til The Garden Bed Is Asleep – Fall Prep For A Healthier Spring

The harvest is nearly done, but you still have work to do in the garden! Av Singh guides us through some fall prep that will lead to a healthy spring.

How To Plant Bulbs In Containers This Fall For Beautiful Color In The Spring

Do you want to plant some tulips for the spring but have no garden space? Just plant them in containers! …

Don’t Press The Snooze Button On Garden Data Collection

Garden data collection can have a powerful impact on understanding your plants. Learn more about garden data gathering now.

Plant Of The Month: Fall Anemones Are A Whimsical And Lovely September Perennial

Fall Anemones are September's Plant of the Month. Discover more about Fall Anemones and how to get the most out of them now.

When Blooms Fade, Grab Your Spade! A Guide To Dividing Plants In The Fall

Almost ready to pack it in for another season? Not so fast! Now’s the perfect time to start dividing plants to keep the garden healthy and vibrant next year.

Saving Your Harvest For Later: Water Activity And Food Preservation

It’s peak harvest season; time to talk food preservation! Dr. Callie Seaman discusses a technique that has revolutionized food safety.

Diatomaceous Earth: Should You Use It In The Garden?

When critters cross a line in the garden, we want quick solutions. Is Diatomaceous Earth the answer? While some gardeners swear by it, others won’t touch it.

Corn, Beans, And Squash: How To Grow A Three Sisters Garden

It's corn season; it's time to plant a few seeds and plan a productive three sisters garden incorporating corn, beans, and squash.

Microgreens And Indoor Food Production

A strange sense of desire and urgency came over me one day when I was on Galiano a few years …

Garden Ollas: An Ancient Watering Method For The Modern Gardener

They’re pretty, practical, and an ancient technique for watering plants. Ollas are an excellent eco-friendly addition to the garden; here’s how to make one.

Community Gardens Are A Safe And Happy Space For Everyone

Community gardens are a safe space for people to come together and grow. Emma Carter writes about her experience managing a garden over the last few years.

Flower Power: What’s A CSF, And How Does It Work?

You’ve heard about a CSA, but what’s a CSF? Community Supported Flower subscriptions are taking off, and there are many reasons to get one!

Abbey of the Redwoods’ Sea Goat Farmstand

Abbey of the Redwoods’ Sea Goat Farmstand is a thriving micro-farm that strongly emphasizes the importance of supporting local and reducing food miles.

Red Acre Farm

Sara Patterson has dedicated most of her young life to growing healthy food and building a more resilient community. She runs Red Acre Farm alongside her mom.

Steve Newsome

Steve Newsome has a beautiful urban garden that’s transformed his concrete yard into an oasis! He uses many techniques to his advantage, including hugulkultur.

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