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Pollinator Flowers: Why Choose an Orange Bloom

Trends come and go, but pollinator gardens are here to stay! You might notice a lot of orange popping up in gardens near you; we’ll tell you why.

Crop Shading: Using Shade Cloths for Veggie Gardens

Take steps to protect your crops from sunburn and heat stress. Anne Gibson explains that home gardeners can get better harvests using tools like shade cloth.

Food Forest in the Laurentian Mountains: Wild Orchard Gardens

If you love harvesting food and want to be more self-sustainable, a food forest is for you. Marci Babineau writes about building a wild orchard garden.

Sacrificial Plants To Help Your Edible Garden Grow

What sacrificial plants are you adding to your garden this year? Check out our list of ultimate companions to keep hungry bugs away from your edible crops.

Plant of the Month: Why Eco-Conscious Gardeners Love Delphiniums

Delphiniums are hardy perennials that love June’s cool air. Pollinators adore them; read on for other reasons why you should grow them in your garden!

A Simple Guide To Building a Wicking Bed

If you want to boost your regenerative gardening skills and conserve water, look no further than the wicking bed! Find out what it is, why you need it, and how to build it right here.

Our Top 5 Crop Picks For Buckets And Grow Bag Gardens

People love grow bags, buckets, and container gardens because they deliver high yields in small spaces. Here are our top five food crops that do well in bags.

Chlorine and Plants, Almost Everything You Need to Know

We know gardens need water to thrive, but have you considered your H20 source? Keaton Haines explains how too much chlorine might impact your plants.

How To Grow Oyster Mushrooms In Buckets

You can grow nutritious and delicious oyster mushrooms at home in buckets and harvest them within one month! Alex Field guides us every step of the way.

5 Cool Ways Mushrooms Help Boost Human Health

Mushrooms are nutritious, delicious, and versatile, ready to be included in many meals. Catherine Sherriffs looks at some of the health benefits.

Little Fields Farm

Little Fields Farm follows regenerative gardening practices to grow vegetables, cut flowers, and pasture-raised chicken, turkey, pork, and eggs.

Forage Grow Create

Looking for something witchy? Cary-Anne Hornsey loves plant-based medicine and is devoted to teaching others how to reap the benefits of their home gardens.

Wyreside Mushrooms

We love it when a passion evolves into a way to make money. Paul and Hayley adore mushrooms and have made a business out of them with Wyreside Mushrooms.

Sawmill Herb Farm

Do you love flavorful meals and natural medicines? Sawmill Herb Farm is a certified organic farm that grows and wild-harvests culinary and medicinal plants.

A Guide To Terrace Gardening

Living on a hillside has its perks but can make gardening challenging! Anne Gibson guides us through building terrace gardens on sloping properties.

Lasagna Gardening: An All-Natural And Cheap Way To Grow Plants

Let’s talk lasagna gardening! This all-natural and inexpensive way to start regenerative garden beds is quick and easy.

The Forgetful Grower: Never Lose Your Garden Tools Again!

Are you tired of wasting time searching for misplaced tools in the garden? You’re not alone. Jennifer Cole has some tips for keeping track of them.

Plant of the Month: The Peach-Leaved Bellflower

The peach-leaved bellflower is perfect for a cottage garden. This stunning bloom offers a touch of whimsy to a space and attracts droves of pollinators.

5 Healthy High-Protein Foods For The Home Garden

Are you getting enough protein? As many of us reduce our meat consumption, here’s a list of five healthy plant-based proteins you can grow cheaply at home!

The Backyard Harvest: Foraging for Wild, Edible Greens

Foraging for wild foods is good for the body and the budget! It can be as easy as picking dandelions for a salad. Check out our guide to foraging wild greens.

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