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Agriculture in Politics: Helping Farmers Make an Essential Transition

Conventional farming methods are doing a lot of harm. Evan Folds explains why it’s critical governments help farmers transition to regenerative agriculture.

Earth Day 2021 Calls For Immediate Environmental Action

Three days of climate action are planned to mark the 2021 edition of Earth Day. This year’s message makes it clear that we can’t return to business as usual.

Choose The Best Seedlings With These Tips

Are you heading to your local garden center for your seedlings soon? Before you go, read these tips for selecting the healthiest plants for your garden.

Calling All First-Time Gardeners: Q&A with Jessica Sowards

Calling all first-time gardeners! Jessica Sowards, author of The First Time Gardener: Growing Vegetables, has some tips and tricks for those just starting out.

Paris Creek Farms

Between Strathalbyn and Meadows in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, Paris Creek Farms is an organic dairy passionate about caring for the land and the animals.

Perth City Farm

Once covered with old warehouses with no greenery to speak of, Perth City Farm is now a lush permaculture featuring trees, vegetable plants, chickens, and more.

Pepo Farms

Family-owned and operated Pepo Farms is the first and only Australian producer of pumpkin seeds for eating, specialising in the “naked” dark green pumpkin.

Jersey Farm

Olive trees and their branches are a traditional symbol of peace, health, and fertility. Jersey Farm wants customers to taste those properties in its products.

Cultivating Positivity As The World Faces Climate, Health Challenges

The news is always bleak: we are facing climate and health crises, and it’s all our fault. Here are some tips on cultivating positivity in challenging times.

What To Do And Not To Do When Growing In A Greenhouse

Thinking of taking the plunge into the greenhouse growing game? So is Garden Culture’s Jesse Singer. But there are a few things to consider once you do.

Offshoots Permaculture Project

Offshoots Community Garden in Burnley helps people reconnect with nature and develop health, well-being, and gardening skills at the same time!

The Plant Room Studio

The Plant Room is a collaborative botanical studio and shop selling plants and ceramics, but it’s far from your typical plant shop!

Incredible Edible Carmarthenshire CIC

The Incredible Edible movement has ballooned to over a thousand groups worldwide, and IE Carmarthenshire is an inspiring one focused on spreading kindness.

Aquaponics Lab

The Aquaponics Lab is a group of small-scale producers and backyard farmers creating simple technology to make growing less time-consuming and more productive.

Growing A Garden For Health and Well-Being

Gardens are beautiful and can be a food source, but they’re so much more than that. Anne Gibson teaches us about the many joys a wellness garden can bring.

How Hydroponics, Aquaponics, And Vertical Farming Are Helping End Hunger

Before any of us ever knew about COVID-19, we knew the world was facing a food crisis. The United Nations …

Why IPM is the Secret Solution to Your Gardening Success

The more you use insecticides, the less they work to keep plants bug-free. Colin Bell talks integrated pest management and why it’s crucial to a healthy garden.

Pfenning’s Organic Farms

Pfenning’s Organic Farms grows vegetables, grains, and legumes on close to 700 acres of land in New Hamburg. Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy people.


BunkerGreens is a start-up in Montreal that’s tackling a shortage in the supply of locally-grown greens by delivering them from a basement to your dinner plate!

Three Acre Farm

Three Acre Farm in Byron Center, MI wants everyone to experience the many joys flowers bring. A U-Pick Flower Garden helps make that possible.

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