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Starting Seeds With Soil Blocks Is Plastic-Free And Easy To Do

Forget plastic seed starting pots and trays this growing season; try soil blocking! DIY soil blocks are easy and offer the perfect starter home for seeds.

What To Do When Plants Forget To Sleep During A Mild Winter

A mild winter causes challenges in the garden when plants forget to sleep and bloom early. Jennifer Cole offers tips for managing garden mood swings.

Growing A Garden For The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is the king of 2024! Here’s how to grow a garden to make delicious and healthy Mediterranean-style meals with plenty of fresh veg.

Tiger Nuts: A Homegrown, Climate-Friendly Superstar

Want to know a secret? ‘Tiger nuts’ is one of the most-searched terms on GC’s website! So we dug deeper and learned more about this climate-friendly superfood.

Gardening Mistakes Are a Gift to Your Future

Garden mistakes are frustrating, but it’s not all bad. Everest Fernandez writes about his biggest garden gaffes and how they made him a better grower.

Quick And Easy Ways To Identify, Prevent, and Solve Problems in the Garden

Growing a garden is fun but always comes with a few challenges. Here are some easy ways to identify, prevent, and solve common growing problems.

Pepper Merchant

Some people like it hot! Pepper Merchant offers a wide variety of pepper seeds not typically found in supermarkets, ranging from mild to super spicy.


The world’s craving for gourmet mushrooms and widespread interest in health and veggie cultivation sparked Manchester’s Polyspore into action!

The Forest Ridge Project

Sherel and Dunc are passionate about nature, adventure, and spreading kindness. They started Moonfull, a venture dedicated to sharing Nature’s bounty.

Smithereens Mushroom

Marie-Eve Arseneault and Alexis Galus believe food is medicine! They started Smithereens Mushroom so more people could reap the benefits of gourmet mushrooms.

Plant Of The Month: Witch Hazel Is A Perfect Addition To Biodiverse Gardens

Witch hazel is known for its medicinal properties, but it’s also excellent for creating biodiversity in the garden. Jennifer Cole offers some growing tips.

Mushroom Growing 101: What’s In A Spore Syringe?

You can grow mushrooms in many ways but need a starting material. Phil McIntosh walks us through spore syringes, what’s in them, and how they’re used.

The Gardener’s Forecast: Almanacs, Weather Stations, or Groundhogs?

Do you depend on a groundhog to predict plant dates for your spring garden? If Punxsutawney Phil isn’t your go-to, plenty of reliable sources can help you plan!

Rockwool And The Hydroponic Garden: The King Of All Substrates?

Everest Fernandez thinks Rockwool is special and wants you to love it, too. Here, he explores how this substrate rises above other soilless growing media.

Confessions of a UK Hydro Store: Kitbagshop

Kitbagshop Hydroponics opened its doors in 1999 and has been going full speed ahead ever since.

Moments Of Clarity: How Mushrooms Helped Heal A Former NHL Enforcer

After many injuries from playing in the NHL, enforcer Riley Cote turned to yoga, plant medicine, and mushrooms to heal, treat his anxiety, and find clarity.

Supercharging Your Plants With Fertilizers From The Sea

Did you know your plants crave seafood? Some of the most nutritious natural garden fertilizers come from the ocean. Cody J. Garrett-Tait looks at the best of the best.

Tiger Nuts: Grow Your Own

Interested in tiger nuts? This wholesome snack is harvested from the yellow nutsedge plant, which grows like a weed in most climates. Here’s how to do it.

Plant of the Month: When the Primroses Bloom, Spring is Just Around the Corner

You might notice primrose selling fast at nurseries or blooming in the garden! This cheerful beauty signals that spring and another growing season are near.

Squirrels Driving You Nuts? 7 Ways To Keep Them Out Of The Garden

National Squirrel Day was January 21st, a weird thing to celebrate considering they cause so many issues in the garden. Follow these tips to keep them out!

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