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Grow Lavender For Its Many Wonderful Medicinal Properties

Lavender is known for helping people feel calm and relaxed, but as Caroline Rivard writes, these gorgeous purple flowers offer so many health benefits!

5 Cool Ways Gardening Experts Harvest Their Plants

Our garden crops are nearing harvest! How do you want to gather and preserve your homegrown produce? Here, the experts weigh in with some tips and tricks.

Hopping Mad! What To Do When Grasshoppers Move Into The Vegetable Garden

Grasshoppers are annoying garden pests, making quick work of beans, carrots, leafy greens, and even squash! Here are some tips for controlling them.

Hell No To Nasty H20! Water Quality And Garden Plants

You wouldn’t drink dirty water; why should your plants? Cody J. Garrett-Tait talks water quality and why it matters to your garden and resulting yields.

Rain Gardens Are A Climate-Friendly Solution To Heavy Downpours

Heavy downpours will only become more frequent, so why not consider building a climate-friendly rain garden? Jesse Singer offers some tips for getting started.

How One Market Gardener Makes It Work Growing In The Rainy British Isles

Environmental control isn’t easy in the garden, especially not in challenging climates! Martyna Krol tells us how one farmer copes in the rainy British Isles.

Tips And Tricks For Shopping At The Local Farmer’s Market

The local farmer’s market is a fantastic place to buy fresh produce at affordable prices! Follow these tips to make your trip fun and keep costs down.

Garden Advice: Ways to Feed your Plants Naturally

Are you looking for ways to boost your plants without nasty chemicals and other synthetic products? Anne Gibson offers advice on feeding your plants naturally.

Grow Bags Are The Fabric Of Our Lives

Container gardening is a joy, but are all pots created equal? Not if you ask Regi Oneton. Here’s why he loves using fabric grow bags in the garden.

How Water Quality Impacts Your Garden: Water Sources, Potential Issues, and Solutions

Water is water, right? Wrong! Various sources work with plants differently. Joanna Berg gives us the basics of H20, some potential issues, and how to fix them.

Hugelkultur Gardens: No-Dig, Less Work, And Great Yields

A gardening method that involves no digging and fights climate change? Hell, yes! Hugelkultur gardens store carbon and boost yields. Here’s how to build one.

Growing Herbs In A Spiral Guided By The Sun

Adding fresh herbs to your favorite meals boosts flavor, but they’re not always easy to grow. Follow this easy guide to building a cool herb spiral garden!

From Coast To Coast: Celebrating Canada’s Official Flowers

Happy Canada Day! Let’s celebrate out in the garden, shall we? From coast to coast, each province and territory has its own official flower. Let’s take a look!

Wild Strawberries: Medicinal Weed and Superfood

Did you know there’s more to wild strawberries than meets the eye? Caroline Rivard gives us the scoop on this amazing medicinal weed and superfood.

Tight On Space? Try These Small Food Garden Solutions

Urban food gardeners, rejoice! You can still grow your own food in small spaces. Anne Gibson offers tips and tricks for squeezing plants into tight areas.

5 Cool Ways To Boost Productivity In Small Grow Rooms

You can definitely achieve big yields in small spaces! There are several things you can do to boost productivity in the grow room. Get started with our guide.

Wesley Burton

From figs to tomatoes, Wesley Burton loves growing delicious and nutritious fruits on his allotment and inside the controlled environment of his polytunnel.

Gardd Darna

Irene Triffitt grew up in the Philippines where her father grew the food for her family in his garden. Now in the UK, Irene is repeating history.

Redacre Growing Project

Community and biodiversity blossom at the Redacre Growing Project, an allotment cooperative dedicated to growing with nature in mind.

Mount Pleasant Farm

Pennine weather patterns can be wild, but you can’t beat the gorgeous scenery at Mount Pleasant Farm! This permaculture smallholding has much to offer.

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