Issue 31: Australia & New Zealand

10 Years & Growing Strong

It is hard to believe that Garden Culture Magazine is ten years old! Launched in 2011 by some forward-thinking people, the first issues were in Dutch. However, it wasn’t long before translating the magazine into English was in demand, and in 2012, the first UK issue hit the street. I joined the team in 2012 to bring Garden Culture to North America and finally became the owner with my partner, Celia. We have learned a lot along the way and count ourselves lucky to work with an exceptional team; Catherine Sherriffs, an editor with an unwavering passion for a good story, and Job Hugenholtz, who brings to life the ideas expressed between the covers.

I especially want to thank our advertisers for supporting Garden Culture. Every single ad within these pages not only promotes their brands but ensures the knowledge held within them is available for free, online and in print. Garden Culture Magazine is indeed a labour of love; without our advertisers, it simply wouldn’t exist.

Another equally important contribution has come from our fantastic group of writers. I am humbled by their generosity and willingness to share their time and hard-earned knowledge with you, our readers. Whether you have been growing for years or are planning your first garden, we try to publish useful, sometimes thought-provoking, information.

In this edition, Rich Hamilton highlights the many benefits of one of my favourite supplements, fulvic acid. Av Singh breaks down the different types of Nitrogen and sheds some light on why they are not always equal or the same. Finally, Adam Clarke explains the benefits of temperature ramping in an indoor grow room. This edition is full of valuable and interesting articles. I hope they inspire you and help you navigate the perfect garden.

Happy Growing,


In this issue

How Mono-Silicic Acid Can Change Your Grow For The Better

Take a look beneath the soil with Adam Clarke as he deviates from his comfort zone and offers mono-silicic acid to his grow. You won’t believe what happens!