Issue 33: Australia & New Zealand

Growth Cycles

Welcome to another edition of Garden Culture Magazine, your analogue gateway to becoming a better grower. This edition contains great tips from some of the industry’s finest minds. 

Philip McIntosh’s “Know your soil pH” will help you avoid common mistakes if you grow in soil. We have two interesting articles on lighting. The first, by Rich Hamilton, looks at the downfall of HPS lighting. And in “Red Light, Green Light – Cannabis Lighting for the Stages,” Av Singh explores changing (or not changing) lighting in every growth stage. 

If you are new to growing mushrooms, Chris Johnson’s “Mushroom Grow Cycles Using Fruiting Bags” will help you strive for fungal growing perfection.

This month’s featured author, Xavi Kief, has crafted quite a creative piece comparing you and your growing space to square dancing. “Calling The Cultivation Dance – The Cycles Take The Square” takes a unique view of organizing and controlling what happens in your grow space.  

And in the first part of “Hearing The Music Of The Forest Giants,” Cosmic Knot continues listening to the trees. He coined the term Florganoleptics, a genre of music created between plants and people with the help of an electronic device. Read the article and then google the word; it’s some trippy shit. 

Happy growing!


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