Issue 12: Australia & New Zealand


In this issue

Phytomicrobiom: What The Hell Are Mushrooms Doing In My Pots?

It sounds complicated, but it’s not: phytomicrobiom is the fungi and bacteria living in a plant’s roots. Keeping it intact is essential for healthy growth.

Fungi – The Key To A Successful Food Forest

A food forest is a permanent agricultural system that layers edible plants together. The secret to success is making sure fungal populations are thriving!

Detox with Fruit And Fasting

While not for everyone, those who have tried a detox say it works wonders for the body. Garden Culture’s Evan Folds explores the fruit and fasting detox.

Plantain: The Overlooked Medicinal Weed

No matter where you live in the world, chances are the plantain weed grows nearby. Use it to your advantage! Plantain is a safe and natural medicine.