Issue 20: Australia & New Zealand


In this issue

Growing Monster Plants Organically

Gardening organically doesn’t mean you can’t grow monster crops! Follow these tips and tricks from Cody J Garret-Tait to maximize the size of your plants.

Get Better Fruits By Understanding Roots

Do you understand your plant’s roots? Rich Hamilton tells us how getting to know roots and keeping them healthy will lead to better fruits and yields!

The Stench Of Power: Making Comfrey Tea

It’s easy to make but be warned; it’s stinky! Martyna Krol gives us the ins and outs of comfrey tea, the ultimate organic drink for your gardens.

Growing A Garden For Health and Well-Being

Gardens are beautiful and can be a food source, but they’re so much more than that. Anne Gibson teaches us about the many joys a wellness garden can bring.

Cold-Tolerant Veggies To Grow In Your Spring Garden

Itching to get back into the garden but still a little too chilly out there? Forget about it! Get your growing season started with these cold-tolerant veggies.

Reservoir Tank Troubles – Understanding Reservoir Fluctuations

Growing indoors is fun, but there’s a lot of chemistry behind it! Rich Hamilton takes a look at common reservoir tank troubles and how to fix them.

Comfrey In The Garden: A Powerful Medicinal Weed

You might think it’s just a humble-looking weed, but finding comfrey in the garden is a bonus! Caroline Rivard explains why medicinal growers love it.

Chitin: The Secret To Organic Gardening

All organic growers should know about chitin. This “superfood” compound is found in crustaceans, insects, and fungi alike, and your gardens will love it!

Après La Pluie: An Artisanal Organic Cannabis Farm

Après La Pluie wants to do things differently. Catherine Sherriffs details how the outdoor cannabis farm in Quebec is keeping things organic and small-scale.