Issue 31: UK & Ireland

It All Starts With A Seed

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The Three Stages Of Flower – Understanding the Flowering Cycle

Push your plants to their maximum potential by tailoring nutrition to their specific life cycle. We can help you understand each phase with this easy guide!

How To Grow A Healthy Society

Agriculture is the source of many problems, but it can also be the solution. Evan Folds explains how regenerative farming can help.

Environmental Wake-Up Call: Getting Back To Our Roots

Let’s turn the world back into a garden again. In this week’s featured article, Cosmic Knot makes a plea to recognize nature as a source of true happiness.

The Adventures Of Seed Priming

Did you know you can give your seeds a major advantage before they’ve even germinated? Give seed priming a try and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Tips For Growing An Urban Orchard

Have you ever dreamed of growing a fruit tree of some kind but live in the city? No problem! Follow these expert tips for growing a thriving urban orchard.

Book Review: Grow In The Dark

  The summer growing season is over; time to bring the outdoors in! But venture away from a sunny windowsill, …