Beanstalk Ag

Now Available in the UK from EcoThrive!

Beanstalk Controlled-Release Fertiliser requires just one application during transplant to grow top shelf with more ease and consistency.

Absolute Flower:
Veg and flowering fertiliser with a 90-day release rate. For use on final pot transplants for plants moving into their short veg & flowering cycle. Potent enough to be used on its own. For optimum results, use with K-Boost and CA-Fortify.

A flowering booster with potassium, a vital element for flower development and density, and magnesium to balance higher potassium levels and makes an excellent additive for high PPFD LED growers.

A calcium nitrate fertiliser with a 100-day release rate. Ideal for plants with calcium requirements and essential for coco coir, it can be used in vegetative and flowering cycles and sub-dressed to address any deficiencies.

No other additives are needed! This is an all-in-one vegetative fertiliser with a 70-day release rate designed for optimal nursery production. It is best used for mother plants, nursery stock, and small vegetative plants before they go into their final flowering container.

Distributed by EcoThrive, Beanstalk products are a perfect accompaniment to their Charged Coir mixes.

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