Biobizz Coco·Mix Substrate

Create and personalise your grow with Biobizz Coco·Mix substrate, which provides the perfect home for your plants.
Made with 100% organic coconut coir, Coco·Mix is a premium growing medium with excellent water retention properties. It allows for consistent hydration while preventing overwatering. The medium also promotes root development, ensuring vigorous and healthy plants.

Unlike soil, it isn't compact, so roots have more flexibility and room to grow freely. Nutrient absorption increases, creating bigger plants in the same pot.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, Coco•Mix provides a reliable and versatile medium for a wide range of plants. It's compatible with all types of nutrients and optimises processes like draining.

Create the best environment for your plants to flourish with Coco·Mix by Biobizz!

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