BudBox PRO Titan 9

Grow PRO. Grow BudBox PRO.
900x450x240cm (30’x15’x8’)

The largest grow tent that BudBox has to offer comes fully accessible: two main front doors, one front access door, four side access doors, one rear access door, and 33 port options in 4 sizes; the BudBox PRO Titan 9 also provides 12 micro-mesh passive filters and 5 night vision windows. The 25mm powder coated, tempered steel poles, 1mm thick walls, metal push/click connectors, roof hanging bars with silicone pads, main door clips, and the clear floor area are practical and durable features. The double cuff vents, 20% oversized vents for acoustic ducting, and double-stitched seams ensure that you have control over the ventilation. PRO White offers up to 106% MORE PAR reflectivity than Mylar.

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