CANNA Rootplug

Introducing CANNA Rootplugs, the cultivator’s secret weapon for superior cuttings and seedling rooting. Use Rootplugs for seamless integration with natural substrates like coco and peat-based mixes. They guarantee rapid and vigorous root development as they absorb water rapidly while maintaining precise humidity levels, setting the stage for thriving crops from the very start!

- Suitable for all plant seeds and cuttings
- Quick and easy water absorption
- Easy transplanting & fast rooting, cutting down pre-veg time
- Perfect balance between aeration and moisture retention
- Fully compostable and degradable
- Packaged dry for a longer shelf life

Use CANNA Coco Professional Plus, CANNA Coco Flex, and CANNA Terra Professional Plus for the best results.

Available in Canada through BioFloral. Ask for it at a retailer near you.

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