Digi-Lumen LED Array 600 W / 6 Bar

The new Digi-Lumen LED Array is the first LED to operate directly from a 600 W, 240 V electronic ballast. Featuring 720 Watts of Optimum diodes to ensure plenty of LED power when used on the boost setting of your Electronic Ballast. Compared to an HPS lamp, the Digi-Lumen increases light output by 60% with up to 1820 µmol/s of output at 690 Watts. Switching out your HPS with a six-bar LED immediately decreases radiant heat and delivers light more evenly over a 1.5 m² area.

Keep your Electronic Ballast, save money and lift your grow game by easily swapping your HPS light to a Digi-Lumen LED Array. Designed and tested to operate with a Digi-Lumen Ballast.

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