HyperFan V2

The new 125mm HyperFan V2 raises the bar for small room extraction fans with a whopping static pressure of 475 Pa and an airflow rating of 350 m3/h (100 L/s). Capable of venting up to 1000W of lighting while operating restrictive carbon filter and ducting systems. The 125mm HyperFan V2 uses a minuscule 27W at 0.25 A. It includes a remote speed controller with a 5-metre cable, reducing fan RPM to a complete stall without vibration or motor damage. The outer housing is 125mm in diameter, ensuring that this fan can slide into even the smallest spaces. Weighing only 1.6 kg, the 125mm HyperFan V2 can be easily mounted and supported in even the lightest-duty propagation tent. Lift your ventilation game, save power and reduce the heat in your small room/grow tent with 125mm HyperFan V2.

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