Editor's Pick

If you suffer from bugs and have a hard time getting rid of them naturally, this is for you.

Predatory bugs are one of the main puzzle pieces in IPM (Integrated Pest Management). This pest management ideology uses natural techniques to help the plant and fight pests. Pesticides, even natural ones, are the last resort.

It's taken me 20 years to figure this out, but systematic dispersal of particular predators can completely eradicate certain garden pests.

I must thank my friend, Kevin, over at Koppert Canada. I had never used predatory insects, but I was super interested as I read more about IPM. He guaranteed that when used properly, they are the superior solution.

They have several products for every nasty bug you can imagine. I used Swirski Ultramite and Thripor 1.

I am now a true believer. I strategized timed releases of my bug armies, and the war began. Within no time, the bad bugs were nowhere to be seen. They were not completely gone on the first treatment, but I was officially bug-free by the second.

It has been a year since the first bugs arrived, and for the past 11 months, my garden has been 100% bug-free.

-Eric Coulombe
President, Garden Culture Magazine