- Editor's Pick -

Have you ever worked months to grow the perfect indoor garden, only to see it ravaged by bugs?

Twenty years ago, I worked in Montreal’s top hydro store, my first job in the industry. They had hundreds of plants in every system imaginable. They also had every bug that could harm those gardens.

I have been growing indoors ever since, and sometimes I battle bugs in the garden. I’ve used a variety of sprays and techniques that keep me in the safe zone to some degree. Now and then, their population grows faster than my treatments, and I end up with a major problem, especially when traveling and can’t be there.

I have changed my tactics, and I am winning the war. Thanks to Koppert, I discovered the ultimate weapon: Predator bugs. Spidex Vital and/or Spicial Ulti-Mite sachet (spider mites only) and Swirski Ulti-Mite sachet and Thripor-I for thrips. Especially for small grow areas, the bad bugs don't have a chance.

The problem is that even when you think you have completely rid yourself (and your plants) of them, they somehow find their way back. That is my experience - it was a never-ending struggle. Or at least it used to be.

Don’t wait to treat your plants. Assume the bad guys will always come back. Buying a small amount of these garden warriors is not a large investment.

Koppert is not the only company carrying predator insects, but they are the biggest and most available worldwide.

In this case, 1/1000 of an ounce of prevention can be worth pounds of cure.

-Eric Coulombe
President, Garden Culture Magazine