Microbes Powder

A super-concentrated formula to increase the quality and productivity of your grow.

Biobizz Microbes Powder is a complete consortium of microorganisms, enzymes, and beneficial fungi that stimulates the germination process and the initial growth of the seedling and improves the flowering phase.

This product contains bacteria that enhance the nutrition process, hormone promotion, root tissue growth, and nutrient solubilisation of phosphorus and other elements. The Trichoderma take up vital space in the substrate, reducing the development of harmful fungi, representing a great natural defence of the roots against attacks and undesired invaders.

The enzymes in this formula have an instantaneous effect in the catalysation of organic nutrients, creating free amino acids in the growing medium and increasing the activity and impact of the active microorganisms.

Combining all these elements in a handy powder format is the perfect tool to guarantee an increase in productivity and improvement in the properties of the final yield.

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