Mills 65/35

Fewer Pebbles = More Root Space
65% Cocopeat & 35% Pre-Washed Clay Pebbles

An ideal growing media for ebb & flow, drip irrigation, hand feeding, and valve systems, Mills 65/35 was created to meet the demands of the professional grower. Unlike most clay pebble mixes, Mills Nutrients gives you a higher ratio of coco to clay pebbles to provide extra rooting space for your plants to branch out into the pots, promoting a broad, robust root system.

Not only is Mills 65/35 ready to use straight out of the bag, but it is also the only clay pebble mix on the market that incorporates Mills Cocopeat, a blend of pH-neutral premium coco fibres and pith.

Available in 50L bags from horticultural suppliers across the United Kingdom at a great price!

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