Xtreme MYKOS & AZOS - Now Available in Canada!

High-performance, biological inoculants increase crop quality and yields while also improving nutrient and water management.

MYKOS is a beneficial soil microbe that enhances root structure by forming a symbiotic relationship with a host plant. As an extension of the roots, MYKOS increases the plant's ability to source nutrients and water more efficiently in exchange for carbohydrates. It can also increase crop yields and secondary metabolites. Apply weekly through vegetative and early flower stages.

AZOS is an all-natural, growth-promoting, nitrogen-fixing bacteria ideal for cloning and transplanting. It converts nitrogen into a usable form that is readily available to the plant. Nitrogen is critical for forming vegetative matter and supporting abundant growth. AZOS promotes growth while boosting natural root development.

MYKOS and AZOS work in all types of growing media and can be used in combination with synthetic and natural fertilizers. Great for vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers, whether growing in a container, raised beds, or row crops.

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