Pro Grow – Model Z Smart Controller

The Model Z Smart Controller is a leap forward in smart technology function and control, utilising an RS-485 multipoint communications system. The standard control features of light timing, sunrise/sunset feature, auto temperature dimming (50%) and emergency temperature shutdown are enhanced with new modes of operation. A remote temperature and humidity sensor is now included for easier placement and accurate measurements. Optional plug-in remote CO2 and PPFD sensor modules are also available (sold separately). PPFD sensing ensures you deliver the exact light requirements to the plant canopy, which is very useful in both CO2 rooms and low ceiling applications, given the 780 W’s high output of PPFD 1250 µmols/s. The Model Z Smart Controller will store up to four custom programs for a complete start-to-finish, set and forget operation. The Model Z Smart Controller also features a full-colour touch screen for easy operation.

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