Sensi Professional Series

Hit the vital “Shift” and take your crop to its fullest potential. Featuring both Sensi Grow™ Part A&B Professional Series and Sensi Bloom™ Part A&B Professional Series, this four-part base nutrient system is designed to increase cannabinoids, yields, and overall crop value.

Unlike generic ag water-soluble fertilisers, the Sensi Professional Series delivers precise ratios of micronutrients for each phase of plant development. During the grow phase, your plants will absorb more calcium, iron, manganese and boron, and LESS nitrogen, potassium, zinc, and phosphorus. And for a bloom phase packed with floral productivity, they’ll uptake MORE nitrogen, potassium, and zinc (and a tad more phosphorus) and LESS calcium, iron, manganese, and boron. Only our water-soluble fertilisers hit this shift to unleash peak performance in your crops.

With three forms of chelated iron and urea for an acidic rhizosphere, the Sensi Professional Series delivers a steady stream of readily available nutrients to your plants. Support their development with this cannabis-specific formulation, and they’ll reward you with predictable heavy yields packed with swelling, crystal-coated buds.

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