Aquaponics Meets Interior Design

Most aquaponic garden systems would be outlawed in the living room due to their complete lack of aesthetic appeal. Additionally, they don’t exude soothing sound to increase the pleasantness of your indoor space. They are only good for two things; growing fish and growing veggies. As of this week though all of that has changed, thanks to a great idea come to life at The Aquaponic Source.

Just in time for the Colorado Home & Garden Show, Sylvia Bernstein introduces some excellent new aquaponic gardening products, the most exciting of which is the line of AquaDesigner Living Fountains. Very sleek looking and stylish designs at that in gorgeous colors and finishes. They’re light weight, weatherproof, puncture-proof, and will fit right in with just about anyone’s idea of interior decor.

Now it’s cool to have a sustainable garden in the living room, den, kitchen, or on a sunny balcony or patio. Better still, the double as indoor waterfall, along with being a decor asset. Compact enough to fit in the smallest apartment or home, the Living Fountains lineup offers you have a range of sizes to pick from too, with the largest one, the Ambiance, being a floor model that holds 45 gallons. The Tranquility Series gives you several unique looking aquaponic systems perfect for tabletop or counter placement.

The largest growing space is going to be on the Ambiance unit, as the other choices are quite a bit smaller. You need more fish to supply nutrients to more plants. Using scaled dimensions to get a guestimate of garden capacity, the Ambiance’s growing tray looks to be about 8″ x 24″ which should let you grow about 4-5 herbs or lettuces. The fountain is backlit with an LED light which is perfect for evening interest, and the aquaponics system takes up only 9 square feet with a 30.5″ x 40″ footprint. It is available in rich chocolate brown and silver finishes.

Yon Living Fountain: Tranquility Aquaponics GardenThere are four options in the Tranquility Series – Ichi, Ni, San, and Yon. The first two are square and the other two are rectangular. They come in chocolate, charcoal, and terra cotta, with each design being lovely in it’s own right. If your available space isn’t limiting on shape, it could get hard to make a choice. Cost won’t help you make up your mind either, because they’re all the same price. Each of these have a footprint of about 4 square feet or less. From these, this is my favorite, the Yon, shown in charcoal in the image on the left.

The soothing sound of moving water, great looking containers, and fresh food or flowers in one smart package. Brilliant. If you need to add grow lighting, there’s a light frame that works well with the systems too.

No matter which one of these sensational looking aquaponics systems you order, everything you need to get your sustainable garden going is included in the package… except for the fish. Those are best purchased in your community. For more info and to buy one, visit The Aquaponic Source. Free shipping through February 28th saves you up to $100.

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