Cody J Garrett Tait

Cody is the owner of High Powered Organics and a second-generation Australian grower with more than a decade of experience in the horticulture industry. Cody works closely with growers locally and abroad, creating organic solutions for high output cropping. He achieves maximum results by combining aspects from permaculture, biodynamic farming, and Korean natural farming techniques. Cody’s main focus is finding natural, and sustainable ways to produce high-quality plants with a minimum of input.

5 Articles

Chitin: The Secret To Organic Gardening

All organic growers should know about chitin. This “superfood” compound is found in crustaceans, insects, and fungi alike, and your gardens will love it!

Growing Monster Plants Organically

Gardening organically doesn’t mean you can’t grow monster crops! Follow these tips and tricks from Cody J Garret-Tait to maximize the size of your plants.

How To Make Your Own Organic Gardening Soil

Eco-conscious people are turning to organic gardening, achieving excellent yields with homemade, quality soils. Cody J. Garrett-Tait will help you get started.

Using Microbial Products For A Thriving Garden

Microbial products are a great addition to any organic garden! They boost yields and lead to faster growth and better resistance against disease and drought.