Colin Bell

Colin Bell is the co-founder, co-inventor and Chief Growth Officer at Mammoth Microbes. Colin is passionate about science, and received his PhD. in Biological Sciences, specializing in soil microbial ecology and plant-microbe interactions. He left his academic position at Colorado State University in March 2015 to launch Mammoth Microbes. When he’s not traveling the world interacting with and learning from cultivators, there is nothing Colin enjoys more than teaching and working with the team at Mammoth Microbes.

3 Articles

Soil vs Substrates: How One Difference Changes Everything

So many substrates, so many properties, pros and cons! In this article, Colin Bell takes a look at various growing mediums. But is one better than the other?

Harnessing Nature Through Regenerative Agriculture

The answer to many climate-related problems lies beneath our feet! Colin Bell explains how regenerative agriculture focuses on soil health above all else.

Why IPM is the Secret Solution to Your Gardening Success

The more you use insecticides, the less they work to keep plants bug-free. Colin Bell talks integrated pest management and why it’s crucial to a healthy garden.