Doug Jacobs

Doug Jacobs is a Technical Advisor with Grodan. He provides expert consulting on proven Precision Growing methods to optimize crop production with Grodan Rockwool growing media and proper irrigation, producing the best quality plants using the least amount of inputs. He has experience with indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse hydroponics, vertical farms, aquaculture, and CEA system design, helping to design farms across North America. Doug showcases his passion and expertise as a feature writer in various national industry publications and as a conference speaker at US events.

5 Articles

Using Climate And Irrigation As Crop Steering Tools Through Flowering And Fruiting

Crop steering is fun to do in every growth stage! Doug Jacobs helps us understand how climate and irrigation are excellent tools to get the job done.

How To Combine Organic Growing With Hydroponics

Can organic growers dabble in hydroponics? Absolutely! It is possible to grow all-naturally in a hydroponic system. Follow this guide to find out how to do it.

Plant Steering: How To Successfully Transplant Cuttings

Are you ready to transplant your cuttings? Follow this guide in our plant steering series to find out how to optimize growth, yield, and overall quality.

Keeping Mothers And Cuttings Uniform Critical In Plant Steering

Kick your grow into maximum production by plant steering! In part two of his series, Doug Jacobs explains how keeping mothers and cuttings uniform is critical.

Every Action Matters: The Ins And Outs Of Crop Steering

Gardeners can nudge their plants toward vegetative or generative growth through crop steering. Follow our guide to learn more!