Evan Folds

Evan is a regenerative agricultural consultant with a background across every facet of the farming and gardening spectrum. He has founded and operated many businesses over the years - including a retail hydroponics store he operated for over 14 years, a wholesale company that formulated beyond organic products and vortex-style compost tea brewers, an organic lawn care company, and a commercial organic wheatgrass growing operation. He now works as a consultant in his new project Be Agriculture where he helps new and seasoned growers take their agronomy to the next level. What we think, we grow!

21 Articles

At The Crossroads: To Use or Be Used By Technology?

Technology can be great, but we have to be careful. Evan Folds examines a critical question: can we use tech to lift humanity? Or will we allow it to use us?

Regenerative Agriculture The Solution To Reconnecting With Nature And Ourselves

It all starts with the soil; that saying doesn’t only apply to gardens. Evan Folds says the way we treat soil reflects on how we treat ourselves and the world.

Taking the Nature Out of Agriculture and the Impact on Human and Environmental Health

Environmental and human health are suffering; we’ve taken Nature out of agriculture. As Evan Folds writes, when it comes to growing food, we’ve lost our way.

Agricultural Threefolding and Building a Cooperative Grocery Store in a Food Desert

In this article, Evan Folds explains how a focus on agricultural threefolding has led him to impactful projects, like building a grocery co-op in a food desert.

Helping Farmers Make an Essential Transition

Conventional farming methods are doing a lot of harm. Evan Folds explains why it’s critical governments help farmers transition to regenerative agriculture.

A Broken System? Corporatism and Community Rights

In 2020, our world has sent us all a clear message. Evan Folds writes about a broken system that can no longer support us, corporatism, and community rights.

Turning To Regenerative Agriculture To Improve Food, Farming, And Human Health

Our health directly reflects the methods in which we farm and grow food. Evan Folds discusses how we must revamp agriculture to improve public health.

Get Your Victory Garden Growing With This Planner

New to the world of gardening but want to grow your own food? Our step-by-step guide can help you lay the groundwork for your new Victory Garden.

Farm City USA: Regenerative Farming Grows Healthy People

People around the world are waking up; regenerative farming grows clean crops, and that leads to healthy humans. It can be done anywhere, including cities!

What is Food? Changing The World One Bite At a Time

What you choose to eat every day can encourage what kind of food is grown around the world. But first, defining what nutritious food means is essential.

How To Grow A Healthy Society

Agriculture is the source of many problems, but it can also be the solution. Evan Folds explains how regenerative farming can help.

Regenerative is the New Sustainable

It’s time to wake up; living oblivious to the Earth is not an option. While living sustainably is good, adopting a regenerative lifestyle is essential.

Detox with Fruit And Fasting

While not for everyone, those who have tried a detox say it works wonders for the body. Garden Culture’s Evan Folds explores the fruit and fasting detox.

Archaea And The Origin Of Earth

There is an entire other universe under our feet; one we have been struggling to understand since the beginning of time. Soil is a complex work of art.

Make Your Own Organic Soil Mix

It's cheaper to build your own organic soil mix than buying it. Learn all about base materials, microbes, and fertility. Good guide for garden soil too.

All Fertilizers Are Different

Getting the best results in any garden means making the most of your fertilizers. Here's how you accomplish higher levels of plant nutrition.

What Is Fertilizer, Anyway? Part 1

The technology of farming is what literally started humanity. That’s right, before farming we hunted and gathered with most of our attention paid to survival instead of specializing.