Joanna Berg

Certified Professional Soil Scientist

Joanna Berg is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist specializing in pest and disease diagnosis and integrated crop management solutions through her firm in Northern California, Dirty Business Soil, LLC.

8 Articles

A Deep-Rooted Passion For Mushrooms At Fungaia Farm

Warning! This article might cause a serious hankering for mushrooms! Joanna Berg writes about her delicious tour of Humboldt County’s Fungaia Farm.

Don’t Press The Snooze Button On Garden Data Collection

Garden data collection can have a powerful impact on understanding your plants. Learn more about garden data gathering now.

Getting In Tune: Keys to Succeed at Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management is an incredible way for organic and regenerative gardeners to prevent pests and diseases. Joanna Berg offers her tips and tricks.

How Water Quality Impacts Your Garden: Water Sources, Potential Issues, and Solutions

Water is water, right? Wrong! Various sources work with plants differently. Joanna Berg gives us the basics of H20, some potential issues, and how to fix them.

Want To Save The World? Start By Saving The Soil

In a world full of destroyers, be the person who builds soil. As Joanna Berg explains, we can create thriving environments and help save the world via compost.

Revolution is a Dirty Business: Two Women’s Journey Reshaping AgriCULTURE

Regenerative agriculture is deeply connected to soil health. Joanna Berg writes about her experience starting and running a soil test company in Humboldt.

Pests and Diseases: The Interconnectedness of Plant Health

Joanna Berg knows sick plants, and in this article, writes about her experience with integrated pest management in the cannabis cultivation community.