Xavi Kief

Xavi Kief is a writer, researcher, and lifelong learner with their hands in the dirt and their imagination traversing the universe. Seeking always to deepen and integrate their connection with the living planet and its diverse inhabitants, Xavi finds joy by infusing their practical and playful approach to cultivation with a healthy dose of science. They grow food and medicine for their family and community on their NorthEast Coast homestead.

3 Articles

Rise And Shine: Accounting For Seed Dormancy And How To Spark Germination

Old seeds still want to sprout; they just might be dormant! Xavi Kief explains seed dormancy and how to wake them up for proper germination.

How a Topdressing of Easily Accessible Mycelium Can Raise Your Growing Game

Whether you're growing indoors or out, in containers or the ground, topdressing your garden with mycelium will up your growing game! Xavi Kief explains.