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Crowdfeeding: Good Food Spreads Everywhere

Anyone who puts in a veggie garden every summer knows full well that it will likely produce more than they can eat, can, and freeze. The same thing happens to gardeners who grow indoors, and many times you really can’t preserve your harvest. Lettuce doesn’t pickle well. Cilantro is never awesome dried, which is the only way to store the stuff for future use. So, we are gladly giving it away to friends and family, but what about others who may be in greater need of food?

Emily over at A Girl and A Garden came up with an excellent idea – crowdfeeding. She calls it the Garden Pledge; a new way of approaching the problem by sharing your over abundance with those in need. Not like a New Year’s Resolution, a serious commitment to do so.

Helping people who are less fortunate is always a positive thing, and making sure your assistance stays in your community is even better. If you’ve never had the experience of delivering a boatload of food to someone who is very poor, you’re missing out on something incredibly uplifting. Make it Christmas in July for someone near you this year (or whatever month you’re over run with good veg to share).

Pop on over to A Girl and A Garden, and take the 2014 Garden Pledge. Spread the bounty around. You probably won’t have to go far to find people who can’t afford to buy fresh food, and certainly aren’t getting much of it through the system. Don’t have time to track them down? Contact the closest food bank, and they’ll take over the distribution for you.

Make your pledge here: http://agirlandagarden.com/2014/04/19/2014-garden-pledge/

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