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EcoQube Frame: Growing Microgreens the Easy Way

Sometimes the simplest things are the most awesome. Take a seed, for instance, packed with everything new life needs to get started. This makes growing microgreens one of the easiest and most nutrient-dense crops.

growing microgreensA Sprinkle A Day…

Size matters least in terms of health benefits from plants? Yes! The bigger the plant, the more spread out your nutrition is! So, you’ve got to eat a lot more volume in regular veggies to get enough good stuff. But microgreens contain up to 40 times more nutrients and are ready to harvest in as little as 10 days. However, some microgreen crops do develop slower, like cilantro, which takes about 3 weeks.

Now, growing microgreens is so simple, it’s almost on autopilot with the new EcoQube Frame vertical garden set up. No messy soil. No trays hogging the counter. No forgetting to mist crop failures. Keeping the seeds moist happens instantly thanks to the magic of passive hydroponics. But they will perform best with some sunlight.

You Have Room for Growing Microgreens

Even a tiny house or studio apartment dweller will find they have plenty of space for this indoor garden. The EcoQube Frame is just right for the spatially-challenged home at 3″ wide, 11.5 inches long, and 8.9 inches tall. It looks great, fits on a narrow windowsill, and makes raising a variety of nutritious foods on the wall easy. That’s the beauty of vertical gardening – producing more food in lots less area.

It’s very water conscious too, working by the wicking method, which only takes up more moisture when necessary. So, your seeds are never waterlogged and never get too dry… as long as you don’t let the reservoir go empty! It holds half a liter, so that won’t be a constant task.

The earth-friendly seed pads for the EcoQube Frame are made from all natural, compostable fiber specially designed to provide sufficient oxygen flow while maintaining the moisture level. They each hold hundreds of seeds, and with 2 per frame like this, you can grow several kinds of seeds simultaneously. But before you sow your mix, be sure they all grow at the same rate!

Budget-friendly Fresh Food

Growing microgreens like this at home will save you money. The team at ADI, makers of EcoQube products, say the compact garden will supply you with $20 worth of nutrient-rich food at a cost of about $5. Can’t argue with that either!

So, how do you get one of these cool little vertical microgreen gardens? ADI finished a super-successful Kickstarter campaign a few weeks ago, surpassing 1000% funding in TWO DAYS! They raised 15 times the funding requested – almost $150,000 with eager pledges from all over the world. And now the crowdfunding and early bird specials continues on IndieGoGo In Demand – but for a limited time only. If you’re late to the party, they’ll still be affordably priced. Suggested retail per frame is $69, and will be available for purchase on their website sometime after February 2018… along with replacement seed pads. (If you’re early, you’ll get rerouted to their last campaign page.)

Now, why was it that you’re not growing microgreens again? Just add water, give it some light, and enjoy a fresh harvest regularly 🙂

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