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GMO Labeling Mythbuster

This video makes an interesting point. She stops short of mentioning that such an increase would very likely make any product labeled for GMOs no longer competitively priced.

Did you notice how much the cost of food shot up when food manufacturers slapped Sugar Free on labels? How about Low Fat, Low Carb, Lactose Free, or Fortified with Calcium? Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher… Free Prize Inside! They have no problem identifying other major selling points or health benefits – real or perceived. Or did the evening news axe the story on lawsuits against people on special diets?

The Consumer’s Union study commissioned in Oregon before the GMO labeling law was voted on there found that the cost of labeling changes would raise your food bill by pennies a day.

Suspicions come to mind that the real crux of the issue is that there would be a major shortage of grain, beans, and other crops that are heavily populated in processed foods. This would definitely be an issue when 90-some percent of the wheat, and 80-some percent of corn grown in the US are GMO crops.

There are claims that separating GMO from non-GMO ingredients and manufacturing will cause a nightmare for the food manufacturing and handling industry. Really? No one asked them to do this in the first place. They just assumed that frankenfood was a-okay with all the thousands of people who buy their products – without consulting them. Did anyone see that survey?

There is glyphosate in breakfast cereal, Froot Loops to be exact. An independent lab test revealed 0.12%, and traces of GMO Bt corn too. You think it’s not in all grain products? Source

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