Glasbren CSA

Bronhaul Farm, Carmarthenshire, Wales, United Kingdom

Glasbren (the Welsh language word for ‘Sapling’, a young tree) is a collective of food growers, teachers, foragers, herbalists, natural builders and activists growing various vegetables and fruits in their ecological market garden and polytunnels at Bronhaul Farm, Bancyfelin, Wales.

Their non-profit social enterprise works to reimagine local food systems, regenerating communities, their people and the land. Glasbren supplies CSA members and low-income families with a weekly share in the harvest. They also welcome volunteers, host courses, workshops and seasonal community events. Glasbren believes that growing food together is a powerful tool to breathe new life into our relationship with the living world. Abel Pearson, the head grower, educator and facilitator at Glasbren, has a powerful message to share.

“Food binds us to our soil, seed and our local land. It could be a vehicle for an authentic place-based culture and resilient, supportive communities”. The collective’s refreshing eco approach can be found in each post on their social media, featuring nutritious recipes and photos of a new shed roof created from 800 wellies discarded at Glastonbury Festival, which would otherwise end up in a landfill.

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