Issue 32: UK & Ireland

How Bright Are Your Lights?

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Do Your Plants Have A Drinking Problem? Understanding Uptake

Are your plants drinking a little too much? Nutrient uptake can be confusing; we’re breaking it down for you to cover all of your hydroponic growing needs.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Growing

Have you ever heard of the seven deadly sins in the world of growing? Here’s our list of the things you should never do in the grow room!

Chlorine and Plants

It’s a common disinfectant in drinking water, but chlorine can be detrimental to a plant’s root health, especially for those growing hydroponically.

What is Food? Changing The World One Bite At a Time

What you choose to eat every day can encourage what kind of food is grown around the world. But first, defining what nutritious food means is essential.

Clean The Air With Plants

Eliminate dust and harmful toxins from the air indoors with plants! Varieties such as English ivy and peace lilies are effective air purifiers.

What Indoor Growers Need To Know About Radiant Intensity

Light quality is essential to indoor growers! Everest Fernandez introduces us to radiant intensity; something PAR meters and PPFD charts don’t see.

The Mighty Burdock Weed: A Cornucopia of Virtues

While some call it a pesky garden weed, burdock has many medicinal properties. It supports vital organs, including the skin, and boosts the metabolism!

Seed Saving Part 3: Harvesting & Processing Seeds

Saving seeds starts with growing and nurturing healthy plants, so the seeds are ripe and mature. The next steps are …