Issue 48: USA & Canada

Mushrooms, Microbes & Mediums

After ten years of publishing Garden Culture, we have seen many fads come and go. Some stuck, others did not. Some of the biggest trends that genuinely changed the game were the introduction of coco coir as a substrate, microbes as a supplement, and LED grow lights. There is another craze booming outside our industry, and it’s mushrooms. 

The global mushroom market was valued at $58.8 billion in 2021 and will reach an estimated $86.5 billion by 2027, according to market research firm IMARC. The year 2022 was not the best for indoor gardening shops or the companies that manufacture and supply the products they sell. Can mushroom cultivation be a new product category that helps our local hydro shops succeed? I hope so.

If you have been growing for years and have never tried growing mushrooms, NOW is the time. Not only are they fun and a beautiful thing to grow, but they are also super healthy and delicious. This edition has articles to motivate and educate you on how to do it. 

The popularity of mushrooms is for more than just the ones we eat. They are used for building materials, cleaning up oil spills, and, most importantly, medicine. In our interview, “Moments Of Clarity: How Mushrooms Helped Heal A Former NHL Enforcer,” Riley Cote tells us how psychedelic mushrooms have helped him reset mentally and see his world with less stress and anxiety.

If mushrooms are not for you, don’t worry! This edition contains valuable and interesting information, such as how best to use vermiculite and seaweed in the garden. Find which microbes reign supreme, discover who wins the substrate battle between peat moss and coco coir, and learn why ventilation is critical to a successful grow room. 

Remember to get out and support your local grow shop. They need us more than ever. So pick up a mushroom growing kit, and let us know how it goes! 

Happy growing! 

In this issue

Beetbox Farm

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Gotta love an urban growing venture like Beetbox Farm! This awesome worker cooperative offers nutritious food through a successful CSA program.

Ferme Agricola

Papineauville, Quebec, Canada

Ferme Agricola grows healthy, organic vegetables and believes strongly in building community. It donates unsold crops to a local food hub helping those in need.

Soil Shepherd Farm

LaGrange Co, Indiana, United States

Elizabeth and Dustin farm on land that once belonged to her great-grandparents! They grow with intention, hoping to keep the plants, soil, and people healthy.

The Sunflower Farm

Beaverton, Ontario, Canada

Feel like taking a stroll through 20 acres of sunflowers? The Sunflower Farm is nothing short of gorgeous and is committed to community and supporting local.

5 Cool Ways to Grow Mushrooms at Home

Thinking about growing delicious mushrooms at home? Of course, you are! Let’s get you started by choosing the right substrate for your mushroom-growing venture.

Setting the Stage For Mushroom Cultivation

Whether starting from a spore or pre-inoculated kit, cleanliness will be a significant factor in the success of your first grow.