Soil Shepherd Farm

LaGrange Co, Indiana, United States

A small-scale operation, Soil Shepherd Farm specializes in growing a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables and also offers pastured eggs and pastured whole chickens. Farmers Elizabeth Buckner and Dustin Marsau care for the land her great-grandparents started in the 1950s. They are forever grateful for the opportunity to farm on this property, especially considering how difficult it is for young farmers to access land. They care deeply for the soil, their animals, and nearby wildlife with future generations in mind. They take what they love about various growing methodologies and apply them to their own techniques. Minimal tillage is critical, along with mulching, cover cropping, topdressing minerals and organic fertilizers, composting, pasture rotation, fermentation, and microorganism cultivation. They believe we can secure a better future for people and our planet by nurturing the Soil Food Web. The bonus? This regenerative approach to growing also has an immediate impact on the land and surrounding community. The farm’s CSA is wildly successful and is known to sell out, which doesn’t come as a surprise when you see the beautiful, seasonal produce offered, including lettuce, peas, green beans, carrots, potatoes, squash, kohlrabi, and so much more. The self-serve farmstand is open 365 days a year; expect to find it overflowing with produce in the summer months and well-stocked with fresh eggs and frozen chickens year-round. It’s local, seasonal, clean, and delicious. Sign us up!

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