Meet Spacepot: NASA-Inspired Hydroponic Pots

Growing leafy greens and herbs outdoors is pretty simple. Loosen the soil. Sow the seed. Water regularly, and food appears. Doing the same indoors without soil appears complex and baffling to many, which is why Spacepot was born. Totally simple hydroponic pots as beautiful as the plants rising out of them.

Just about everyone knows that to make living in space possible NASA has been working on perfecting growing food with hydroponics for decades. The thing is it’s not as complicated as they make it appear. NASA is trying to find the best way to grow alien plants in the most challenging environments of all.

hydroponic potsAlien plants? Well, yes, plants from Earth are aliens in outer space. All the space agency’s research and testing have made the idea of growing food without soil popular. For NASA, it is the future of farming… in a world away. But here on Earth, growing without soil inside your home doesn’t have that rocket scientist prerequisite to succeed.

In fact, growing food soillessly gives you a faster to mature plant, leading to more harvests per year. And plants grown in hydroponic pots or systems grow larger than the same seeds grown in soil. It’s hard work pushing your roots through the dirt! And indoor gardening removes the struggle against adverse conditions like the weather too. All this extra work occupies a lot of plant energy that can be directed at what’s important to the gardener – like producing food, and more of it in less space than ever before.

Spacepot was created by Future Farms for compact gardening on a macro scale. Their hydroponic design lacks everything that makes someone hesitant about growing food hydroponically. There are no wires, tubes, pumps, or the need for constant monitoring. Spacepot hydroponic pots do not need electricity at all. It’s based on the Kratky method, a sustainable form of growing known as passive hydroponics that works anywhere using a plant’s natural ability to seek out food and moisture by stretching its roots to find it.

hydroponic potsAll you have to do is keep the water level and nutrient ratio in line to maintain your crop’s health and vigor. And eat the harvest, of course. Something your plants will be able to produce more of given enough light. A sunny windowsill may be sufficient in some locations or certain seasons, but as Future Farms recommends on their website, a grow light is advisable. That doesn’t mean spending a lot on the fixture, or the power needed to run it. A CFL is adequate for a couple herb or lettuce plants, and a T5 fluorescent fixture will expand your personal gardening power without breaking the bank. You can also save on the utility bill with LEDs, but the fixture is a larger investment.

Spacepot hydroponic pots will turn you into a soilless gardener equipped to grow leafy greens and herbs all year long in 5 easy steps. They’re reasonably priced, and come with everything you need to start growing – including an 8 month supply of nutrients and basil seed. The light is extra but easily located close to home. In stock and ready to ship from Future Farms in Los Angeles.

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