Natural Ways To Keep Weeds Out Of The Garden

The summer is nearly here and with it comes a lot of weed growth in the garden, which can cause damage to your beloved plants. They compete for not only nutrients in the soil but also space, and if not adequately controlled, can spread rapidly. Create a well-kept and beautiful garden by following our top 7 natural ways to get rid of unwanted weeds.

Pull them out yourself

Do you have a small garden with weeds in them? Save yourself some money by pulling them out yourself. It may seem old fashioned, but using your hands is still relevant in these present times, best for a small garden with less weed presence. You can do this during your leisure when you aren’t so busy with work in the office or at home. Always make sure you rake and dispose of weeds pulled out when you are finished.

Get to the root

Pulling out weeds from a large garden might not be an easy task. This becomes even more challenging when you have to deal with some very stubborn weed types. To ensure a weed free garden, you can make use of hand weeders. This tool is very affordable and yet very active. They will help you uproot weeds from a large garden in the fastest and most convenient way possible.

See to regular mulching

Mulching has and always will be one of the most effective and helpful ways to get rid of weeds in the garden. When carried out regularly, mulching helps to trim the soil, expose unwanted plants, and remove them from their root. It also helps to gather together weeds that have either been pulled out or removed through any other means.

Make use of carpet or cardboard

Weed control is a continuous process throughout the growing season, and cardboard and carpets are still two relevant ways to maintain a weed free garden. Layer the material of your choice on top of weeds to smother them. Once the rug is removed, you will discover that a number of the pesky weeds are gone.

Block sunlight with newspapers

Just like plants, weeds also make use of sunlight for several activities that aid their growth and development. A good way to control them is to ensure that they are shielded from sunlight. To block weeds from sunlight, layer newspapers or any dark paper over the top of them. After doing this for a while, they tend to die by themselves, and all you have to do is take them away.

Use  mowers or trimmers

The larger the garden, the higher the need for a more convenient tool. Mowers, trimmers, and scarifiers are a very reliable tool that can perform some function in the garden. When you make use of a mower or trimmer on your patio and lawns, you will be able to see individual unwanted plants more clearly. Being able to identify these weeds and where they are located in the garden can be a constructive way to control them.

Homemade weed killers

While it is not advisable for you to make use of chemicals to treat weeds because of the effect it has on the plants themselves, some homemade killers can be helpful. This is because a number of them are made using only natural components. These homemade killers are advantageous in that they can wipe your yard free from weeds in the fastest way possible without risking the health of the environment. However, it is essential to adhere to the safety precautions required when making use of them.

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