The DAYLIGHT 200W PRO is perfect for those looking for a powerful yet incredibly compact LED. A direct upgrade on the original unit, the PRO features an impressive total output of 500 μmol/s and a fixture efficiency of 2.5 μmol/J. The 200W PRO boasts a range of new features, including a remote dimmer, IP65 rating (meaning the environment in your grow room poses less threat to the lifespan), and DAYLIGHT Lighting Controller compatibility, giving you even more control over your grow room environment.
Designed to cover a 0.8m x 0.8m perfectly, coupled with the ability to dim the unit's full spectrum light output (including Far-Red), the DAYLIGHT 200W PRO can be used from propagation through to flowering.
You'll get the most out of the smallest growing areas with no fans or moving parts, silent operation, and little heat output.

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