Maxibright JUNO LED PRO

The JUNO LED PRO from Maxibright is a powerful, budget-friendly LED fixture that delivers an impressive total light output of 1800 ╬╝mol/s (PPF) of uniform, full-spectrum light with additional red for improved flowering.

Foldable for easy transport and installation, the JUNO LED PRO has six bars of high-quality MaxiLED chips to provide perfect coverage over a 1.5 x 1.5m area. It also features a remote dimmer and the ability to control multiple units using the JUNO LED lighting controller, granting you complete control over your grow light set-up. The JUNO offers the same uncompromising level of quality and performance that you would expect from all Maxibright products.

Manufactured and distributed exclusively by Highlight Horticulture. Visit your local grow store for more details.

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