Every One Love Inc Grow Anywhere FlexiTank is built from a solid foundation of quality materials and sonic welded seams for extra strength. The compact design means you can grow anywhere, as all tanks are super portable, easy to transport and fit where other reservoirs cannot go.

Made of the same tear-resistant material as the rest of the FlexiTank range with sturdy poles that support the tank when in use, the One Love Inc FlexiTank can be packed down easily and folded away for convenient storage; no tools required.

Perfect for mixing One Love Inc products, every tank comes with a Mills Nutrients feed chart on the lid.

Available in convenient 25L and 50L sizes for the hobby and small-scale horticulturist, or sizes 100L – 1000L for the professional grower. Tapless purchase options are available in sizes 100L, 225L and 400L.

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