Model Z Smart Controller

Model Z Smart Controller is a leap in intelligent controller technology and function control that now utilises RS485 multipoint communications system. Besides the typical, expected features, there are many new modes of operation, such as light timing, sunrise/sunset, auto temperature dimming (50%), and emergency temperature shutdown. The Model Z Smart Controller includes a remote temperature and humidity sensor for more accurate placement and measurement. Optional remote plugin CO2 sensor and PPFD sensor modules are also available (sold separately). The PPFD sensing and value setting ensure you are delivering the exact light requirements to the plant canopy at any given time, useful in both CO2 rooms and low ceiling applications, given the 780 W's high output of PPFD 1250 ┬Ámol/s at the canopy. Up to 4X custom settings may be stored in preparation for a complete "set and forget" grow period from start to finish and is equipped with a touch screen for easy interface with the controller.

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