Pro Grow – 300 & 500 W UFO

PRO GROW 300 & 500 W UFO LED fixtures now include manual dimming switches and 0-10 V RJ-14 connection to the PRO GROW Smart Controller. Operate up to 160 x 0-10 V UFOs simultaneously with sunrise/sunset and grow and bloom room capability. PRO GROW UFOs blend top bin Samsung LM301H diodes with both Optimum red (660 nm) and far-red diodes (730 nm). The 730 nm far-red diodes contribute to Emmerson Effect, offering a higher Quantum Yield than just red diodes alone. Efficacy is over 2.1 µmols/J; however, with Emmerson Effect, real-world performance is closer to 2.4 µmols/J, backed by a 3-year warranty.

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