Terra Aquatica

After a five-year transition period, Terra Aquatica now operates independently from the original US company. The first step was to choose a new identity that would symbolise its heritage while also paying tribute to its pioneering spirit. The labels and names may have changed, but the bottles still contain the same recipes.

The range of simple, durable and robust growing systems combine technologies invented by Larry Brooke with more recent innovations. In line with the ecological approach, which underpins closed-circuit hydroponics, a significant part of the range manufactured by Terra Aquatica uses recycled, non-toxic and stable plastic, which is also infinitely recyclable.

Terra Aquatica is the culmination of a journey that began in California in the 1980s as a collaboration between the founder of General Hydroponics US, Lawrence Brooke, Cal Hermann, William Texier, and Noucetta Kehdi. The company exported itself to Europe in 1994. Since then, the quality and consistency of its products have ensured its position in the European market.

Terra Aquatica is a “young” company that has shed its Californian roots, shifting to European manufacturing and a dedication to continuous research and development.

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