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Vertical Gardening with Hydroponics in Soil

Well, not ground soil like you have in a backyard veggie garden, but an organic soilless medium and not the inorganic media typically seen in hydroponics. This system design is also simplified compared to the average hydroponics system you see. While the setup the guys at VEG in San Diego have designed might look like the same old thing at first glance – it’s not. Their modifications are not just interesting, they work very well. VEG, or Vertical Earth Gardens design, build and install gardens for restaurants in the area, and no doubt home growers as well.

Now if you’ve a knack for engineering from images, you might be able to figure out how to put a similar system together just by watching this video below. For the rest of us, the plans to build one of these VEG vertical soil gardens are available at a reasonable, and affordable price on their website.



Being in the Mediterranean climate of California does allow one to garden outdoors year around, but you could easily install the VEG systems in your indoor garden or greenhouse too. Getting more growth space in one unit looks to be easily achieved by adding a third tier to the unit using taller end posts, which would make it far more efficient use of space in your grow room. Running multiple VEG units off of one reservoir also makes it simpler to use while lessening the drain on a budget.

You can buy the instant download plans for these vertical gardening systems HERE for under $40. Materials will run about $300 or more, depending on where you live and shop.

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