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World’s 1st Aquaponic Smart Garden

Did you park your aquarium and give up on fish because it’s just too much hassle cleaning the tank? Guess what… an aquaponic smart garden cleans it for you, turning that gunk into fertilizer for safe, fresh food grown at home. Well, that would be the scenario – if you had an AquaGarden.

Aquaponics Is Organic

The fish waste that makes keeping an aquarium such a maintenance chore is safe, natural fertilizer that plants love. The garden removes all the yucky stuff, and the system returns the cleaned water back into the tank. It’s basically uses the same principle Nature does to keep her streams and rivers clean. The fish eat and create fish manure, bacteria move in and convert their waste to nitrates that your lettuce, basil, and what-not can turn into food. The plants filter out all the nutritional value, and the purified water completes the cycle by going back to the fish habitat.

It doesn’t get much more natural than this, and the beauty of this symbiotic relationship is that it’s totally sustainable. About the only garden inputs you have are new plants when the harvest is over, and the occasional addition of fresh water. If you’re going to grow organic greens, herbs, and more without soil, then this is the gardening method of choice. Just this part alone makes it a smart garden, but there’s more to the AquaGarden from InnoGro…

Anyone Can Garden

No matter how small your home is, you’ve got room for this new compact garden system. The unit is designed to fit the top of a 10-gallon aquarium tank. A perfect fit for the counter, a table in the corner… it doesn’t even need tons of bright sunshine. It comes with it’s own grow light, which is on an adjustable stand that is designed right into the setup. It gives you plenty of height for growing plants up to 18 inches tall, but you can move it up and down easily to keep the light at the right distance from your garden from the start to finish of your crops.

InnoGro Smart Garden AppInnoGro has computed the value of food you can produce in your AquaGarden. They say you can expect to save $25 a month just growing lettuce, and well, your harvested salad will be so fresh, you’ll wonder why you’ve been buying that old lettuce from the store! Estimated monthly cost to run the aquaponics system including lights and electricity is only $5-$6 as month.

It’s a smart garden, designed to be user-friendly – even for the most inexperienced grower. It’s so important to the team at InnoGro that everyone be able to have access to fresh, healthy food, and be able to grow your own at home – they made sure that their AquaGarden makes your job as gardener much easier than a traditional aquaponics setup. The learning curve and guesswork have been done away with entirely.

You’ll have more growing power compared to other new indoor garden systems that have been coming onto the market. The AquaGarden is equipped with fluorescent grow lamps, which generate more light energy to plants, but are still economical to operate. It’s equipped with full spectrum lamps too, so you’ll have better success with small fruiting plants than with compact LED fixtures so popular with small garden systems today.

Smart Garden

The system is programmed to make it largely automated. The hardware communicates with an app accessible on your mobile device. The app monitors all the vital data of your aquarium, fish, plants, and their environment in real-time reporting, plus you can review the same data in historical reports. You can control all your system’s equipment from the screen: grow light, heater, pump, and aquarium light. There are tons of preset growing data sets too for both fish and plants, so it’s set it and follow the directions. There’s also a handy tasks list to help you stay on top of handling what needs to be done at the appropriate time.

A gardener should keep notes on crops, because it’s easy to forget what cultivars you grew that were poor, or what happened from one grow to another. The InnoGro app includes a journal space for that. It also tracks the days from planting each crop ’til harvest time, so you won’t be caught by surprise, or leave food in the garden to a point of overripeness.

AquaGarden Aquaponic Smart Garden Features

How To Get One

It’s a new Kickstarter campaign, so early birds will have no problem snatching one up at a great discount. Right now you can reserve your AquaGarden for $379, while rumor has it that retail will be $549. Before you dust off that parked fish tank – go join make your pledge, before no more backer options are available.

Get more details: InnoGro Crowdfunding Campaign

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