Eric Coulombe, Author at Garden Culture Magazine

Diary of an Indoor Grower: Hydroponics Garden Evolution

The only thing that hasn’t changed in my hydroponics garden is its dimensions. It is just over 70 Sq feet (6.6 X 11.2).with 8-foot ceilings. Otherwise, it is in a constant state of flux. Lights, systems, nutrients, fans, controllers, you name it I have changed it. Part of the reason is that I have, especially in the past 4 years, received products to test. I won’t bore you with all the things I have tested and what I thought of them. Most I liked, some I didn’t. In the end, you are far more important than any product and...

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Diary of an Indoor Grower & Hydro System

Indoor gardening is for sure the coolest, manliest and useful hobby in the world. Well maybe not but it’s super useful, relaxing and educational for my children. Our connection to food is practically non-existent and my little garden reminds me and shows my kids the work and knowledge that is necessary to grow practically anything. This blog is about my indoor garden; I live in Quebec in the Laurentian Mountains our summers are fleeting and I spend the majority of my gardening time in my basement. I was fortunate enough to design and help build my own house and...

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Homegrown Expo

Just over one month away to the Homegrown Expo in Coventry UK. Looking like it’s going to be a success. We have been busy visiting shops and spreading the word about the show. In fact we have personally given out over 11,000 tickets. That is something that has never been done for an indoor gardening show any where in the world. We are not only inviting all the indoor gardening stores in the region personally but we are also visiting garden centers, universities and small commercial ag. companies. This is a show for anyone who loves to garden or...

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