Diary of an Indoor Grower & Hydro System

Indoor gardening is for sure the coolest hobby in the world.

Well maybe not, but it’s super useful, relaxing, and educational for my children. Our connection to food is practically non-existent and my little garden reminds me and shows my kids the work and knowledge that is necessary to grow practically anything.

This blog is about my indoor garden; I live in Quebec in the Laurentian Mountains, and our summers are fleeting. I spend the majority of my gardening time in my basement.

I was fortunate enough to design and help build my own house, and there was never a question that I was going to have a “grow room” in the basement.

I settled on a 6.6 x 11-foot room nestled in the back of the house, half surrounded by concrete walls, and it’s a great space! I wish it were bigger, but it does the job. The floors were finished with high gloss white ceramic tiles just because I could. It looks great and is super easy to keep clean.

Indoor Garden

What’s in my Indoor Garden?

Everything changes in my room constantly. I try new lights, systems, nutrients, supplements, and all sorts of stuff that people send to me. I will try to show you the good, the bad, and the…well, you get the picture.

I’m presently lighting my room with a Solis-Tek 1000W DE, a Gavita Plasma, and a mix of smaller lamps.

Autopots have taken over, I think there are 10 (2 large, 8 medium-sized), and there is also Nutriculture’s NFT 2X4 table. I have been running NFT forever and find it is a wonderful way to grow almost anything and an easy DIY build if you are so inclined.


I have tried so many brands, but I always seem to revert to NutriPlus or Optimum. In case you haven’t heard of them, I am unsurprised, but it is too bad. Optimum is one of the original nutrients going back over 30 years in Quebec. NutriPlus is a very similar product. They are very concentrated and very complete 2-part hydroponic nutrients. I do believe most major brands are of similar quality.

I won’t bore you now with every little piece of equipment I use, I’ll leave that for another day.

Over the years, I have grown countless varieties of vegetables, flowers, roots, herbs, and some fruit indoors. I have also grown in every possible fashion. Hydroponics is my preference, and organic is my passion. One is simple, predictable, and allows me to travel in peace. The other just feels better, it’s hard to explain. I love getting my hands dirty and playing with microbes. Either way, I love it all.

When I’m home, I try to get down into the garden at least once a day. Especially on those long, dark winter days or when it’s particularly bleak outside. The warm light cast from my 1000DE feels like summer. Of course, it’s never cloudy and never rains in my grow room unless I want it to. Indoor gardening offers so many more rewards than what you harvest.

I have made my share of mistakes, mostly small ones but some doozies too, and so will you. It’s all part of learning how to be Mother Nature and an indoor gardener.

Stay tuned and see what’s growing!

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